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Ask Don and Diane Shit. High Seas Rescue

April 10th, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit. High Seas Rescue. Liberia


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Joe45014 said....  

As a former Paramedic I can say I have been on a LOT of accidents, medical and fire call outs, etc. There is NOTHING more annoying than a Johnny Come Lately "Squad Captain," or whatever, that needs to validate himself and his presence. You're tired, sweaty, covered in god knows what, and suddenly this clean shirt shithead starts barking orders just so he can be a part of things. NOT good.

Doc FMF avatar
Doc FMF said....  

Oh what a scene for not only a SEAL but as a medic! Mass casualty triage with prolonged care.

Aurevoir Gopher avatar
Aurevoir Gopher said....  

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

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Jimsarge3ID said....  

This was the Mission in which Don was awarded the award for heroism. Actual "life-threatening", clearly defined risk to the individual awardee and others. The highest non-combat decoration awarded by the United States Navy. And who better to tell the story? Just amazing, Don !

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