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Ask Don and Diane Shit. SEAL Demolitions

April 14th, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit. SEAL Demolitions


Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

Sheep abortin their lambs I laughed my ass off!

Aurevoir Gopher avatar
Aurevoir Gopher said....  

I'm laughing till I'm crying. Poor sheep.
So funny to watch the huge fireballs. You don't even flinch, but the rest of the guys did.
Great stuff.
Wish I was 30 years younger and knew about SEALS and you then.

BUDsClass2016 avatar
BUDsClass2016 said....  

lol...nobody can make a herd of sheep abort their offspring like Sr. Chief Shipley.

AIRBORNE319th avatar
AIRBORNE319th said....  

My favorite part was having to put out range fires. Seemed like every couple times we would start some Huge grass fire on Bragg and we would get the wonderful duty of putting it out with shovels and dirt. Fire breaks and the sort. Hot as shit in the summer time. You started it. You put it out. Good times.

Rich Hendrickson avatar
Rich Hendrickson said....  

Don and Diane should have their own show on the Military Channel. That would be the perfect audience. Call it Protecting American Honor or something like that.

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