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Ask Don and Diane Shit. Quit Now, Avoid the Rush.

May 06th, 2016 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit. Quit Now, Avoid the Rush was one of my favorite saying SEAL Instructors said constantly in BUD/S. Wish us luck today. Many thanks for the support.


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Hogan said....  

Again i think your insights are valuable for any kid, Fleet Sailor that is considering your line of work.

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Chuck said....  

Looks like my grandmas f arm front porch. Golf 2/26th 1969

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Ron said....  

Don, I am recently a new subscriber to you site and enjoy how you bring these idiots to their knees with there bullshit, I served 10 years in the Army a served one year in Vietnam as an Senior advisor to a ARVN Infantry battalion, 2/52 of the 18th ARVN Div,,,,,,,,,, I see so many 'wannabe' Vietnam vets, just wondering if you know of a site similar to yours that exposes FAKE Vietnam vets.

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dabber said....  

Sir my name karl swift i come from a navy family my dad allso was a Master cheff 30 man pass 3 years back . I just wanted to tell you that so you new that im Navy evrry inch of my body is Navy i allso was a boasinmate funny im doin better on the site i just have not got it yet it very hard for me to understand it i must be dum because i think its hard everything confusing to me sorry i ,like you and Diane so i will stick with it hope i can do

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jeffusaf said....  

I'm a retired air force zipper head. my brother is taking command of Annapolis in 22 jun. ya want to come ill pay

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