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Ask Don and Diane Shit... Our Kids...

June 04th, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit... Our Kids...


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Byron said....  

@curious326 you have to cancel the account through your paypal. No way to do it on the site. Hate to see you go hopefully you'll be back soon best of luck hope sunnier skies come for you soon :)

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harborseal said....  

D & D, you gave him the life of the farm that Senior grew up on. I think I have seen the picture of him with his Dad and that squirrel. You both did an exceptional job and must be so proud. -May the sun continue to shine on his course-

Razorback avatar
Razorback said....  

You folks are GREAT! Hunting, fishing, farming, and country living. Are you sure you're not from Arkansas?

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Ed Fouche said....  

How can you not love these kind and brilliant people. Hats off to you Shipleys. I remember the Navy Regional Medical Center in San Diego. I almost died from double pleurisy and pneumonia there. They flew me back from Okinawa then in the 80s. Oh! The first kill... memories... They SUCK. I'm 100% PTSD. Ed Fouche PS: Shipleys, try a Harvey Wall-banger>>> The perfect Screwdriver.

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Kary Jo said....  

Your kids are great because of YOU! Never forget it!

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