Rich H. said....  

Good Stuff. Love the site

Joe45014 said....  

Senior Chief, You didn't miss much with GI Jane, except it was the HOTTEST Demi has EVER been. The movie doesn't even ring true for a civilian. so I can see why you'd choose not to watch it. But if you forget the content, the message and the bullshit questions it raises, and JUST look at her body...its well worth watching. FFWD & MUTE, PAUSE and SLOW MO...I mean, she's even hotter there than in Striptease. I'm not a huge Demi fan or anything, but she's what you had to work with in that movie, so you make the best of it and appreciate what you have. NOT crazy about the Susan Powter clip job she did, but even a civilian like myself could tell the military scenes looked like scenes TRYING to look like military scenes. I have seen better scenery and props in pornos...and hotter women, but thats neither here nor there. Shit movie/nice body. I do feel better about liking "Navy Seals" with Charlie Sheen now. I was late teenager when that came out, but always liked it. Glad to know it was among the more sound films. As always, love the videos!

Cloyd said....  

It's like being the driver of the car. The driver picks the music, shotgun shuts its cake hole. This is your site. I'm gonna watch all the videos.

USA11SF said....  

Got a nickname to go with the shirt?!/artifact/55

Dagwood said....  

Nothing better than sitting down with time to watch a great war movie
#1 Das Boot, #2 Paths of Glory, too many #3's to list.