redcrown said....  

If things don't go his way, Bernath will eventually play the anti-Semitism card and/or claim immunity because Holocaust.

RunsWToothpicks said....  

I went threw jump school in 1996 as a SGT, we had a group of Seals going threw at the same time they were great guys and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them. PLF's are awesome especially when your on the swing land trainer and the fucking black hat lets go of the rope and drops you on your fucking head just for shits and giggles. Favorite jump school saying, "Check can of peas!"

Shadow said....  

Duck Hunting Uniform = DPCU (Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform). ;)

Shoreline 59 said....  

Hilarious stories about jump school. I did it in November 1979. There were probably 15 Navy guys and 15 Marine guys in my class. I don't recall whether the Navy guys were SEALs or not, though I would have probably remembered if they had said they were. After Tower Week, we were in formation Friday evening and the commanding officer was giving some speech about something. He made a point to inform us that Phenix City, Alabama, just across the Chattahooche River, was off limits to all military personnel. It was, indeed, a gritty, shitty place in '79, with dope dealers and hookers and scummy motels. We were dismissed, and everybody was preparing to go out and get fucked up. I didn't really know anybody in my airborne class because I had a commo MOS, but most of the Army guys were 11B and had gone to AIT at Benning. I did it at Fort Sill, OK. So, I'm just wandering through the barracks with no puprose and a Navy guy asks me what I'm doing that night. I said "Probably just go into Columbus and find a bar. What are you guys doing?" He laughs, and says "Didn't you hear the CO? We're going to fucking Phenix City." I grew up a lot that night.


D.Harry said....  

Another great story, keep them coming!