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Ask Don and Diane Shit, Israel Gone Bad.

March 31st, 2016 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit, Israel Gone Bad, IM HIT.
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Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

Fuck me runnin,shit...

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FredFred said....  

Does the Navy still issue the Sperry US Rubber green canvas deck boots, I don't think mine had laces, Im looking for the older stuff but not WWII. When I was deployed one of my cousins looted my footlocker tents, cammy's greens, canvas jungle boots everything. Balaclavas besides that a lot of civy stuff, my parents were letting him stay with them because he had gotten in trouble up north... I cannot even find the stuff, the soles were molded and melted into the canvas, they were for walking on submarine decks or river boats... Black would be ok too. The modern stuff looks like the soles are too stiff and high, they had grooves along the bottom slightly rough but not like ship non skid.

RobG  avatar
RobG said....  

What a mess.... crazy all the shit Dons seen and done

Nash avatar
Nash said....  

Hilarious shit that we remember and go through! One day ill have to send you the story about us hosting Super Squad on Okinawa, assigned to the ambush team. Lets just say this, green smoke, delayed fuse and someone ended up with the nickname of Oscar the Crouch... fucking time I never want to forget that most anyone else would never believe !

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bridgechief avatar
bridgechief said....  

What is the update on the SWCC guy? I herd this story before so there might be something there do not know where I herd it from but is was not on the other SV sites. If you have an update please let us know. A story like this is out there.

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