Aurevoir Gopher said....  

I retired at 52. House was paid off seven years ago. No car payments, yet I have a BMW M5, E63 AMG, S63 AMG, Silverado Pickup, and Toyota Sequoia and pay cash for my daughter to go to private college. My friends ask how we did that. Well, we lived way below our means for 20 years, no cruises, no Wally World, no Game Boy or X-Box. 20+ year old televisions, 20 year old furniture that still looks good and not worn and only hit the clearance rack for clothes...when needed. Now I don't have to work, yet they all have another 15-20. Guess it was more important to stop at Starbucks every day and eat lunch out. Now who's laughing at my lunch box.

Dagwood said....  

I used to have to buy 'Beer' in the white or yellow cans. All the black lettering said was Beer on the side lol. Almost forgot about those days, thanks for the reminder.


scomyo3 said....  

I am almost 50 recently employed in the oil and gas industry am now looking at a reduced rate of pay not a lot of savings but no debt either . Tightening the belt is not an option but i can downsize and give up some luxuries silver lining is new gig means I am home way more and spending way more quality family time who knew ? Keep knocking em outta the park Shipleys !

Ed Fouche said....  

Like Don, I receive a check from the US Military for 20+ years service. I also receive SS as I'm now 67 years old. I also receive 100% disability from the VA for five different reasons including heart, back, AFIB, PTSD, Diabetes, and other reasons. We've all earned it. I spent the vast majority of my life serving my country. I am very proud to have served my beloved country. Ed Fouche.

Ed Fouche said....  

"Some of the shit he eats..." Ha., ah... Beans and rice during tech school. Yum... Ed Fouche.