Ask Don and Diane Shit, Doug and the Phonies

Ask Don and Diane Shit, Doug and the Phonies.







This is my favorite clip. I love the insight this one offers. You can see the humanity and frustration behind the ousting of phonies and the importance contained within the mission. It's not just about embarrassing guys and catching them in their lies. There are real safety concerns about the women they are involved with, as well as law enforcement and community members who must deal with these idiots. I hope it never happens, but I think it's only a matter of time before we see a tragic event related to one of these phonies when the truth catches up to them. I have family in the Navy and sincerely appreciate all effort Sr. and Diane do in their quest to shine a light into the dark crevices where these guys try to hide. My family prays for their continued strength to deal with this epidemic and for their safety and the safety of their family. Now, we will add Doug to our prayers, as well. Y'all keep up the good fight!



I just don't get how these married Phonies convince their wives they are/were SEALs (or Rangers, Special Forces, etc.). Diane, as you know, from being a Military Wife, there are always events out there are to attend at any given time, many (or at least one) old military friends y'all are still in touch with, the photographs, etc. that are such an integral part of our everyday lives. So, I'd say this to any women who are involved with a guy who doesn't have any old pals who knew him "when", you aren't invited to any military balls or he claims PTSD, but 'can't' go to the VA for whatever reason: Open your eyes and question what you're involved in. Most, if not all, of the high level military personnel I know, don't brag incessantly about their service. If you're with a guy who brags, even if he's bragging about how he *can't* talk about his service, that's a huge red flag. (If his work really is/was "classified", then he doesn't even bring it up in the first place!) It's sad that there's so many liars out there who are stealing the valor of our heroes, but it's even sadder when they are dragging their loved ones, unknowingly, into their deception.



Without a flinch..'lets go shovel some mulch'...'yes sir'.....i love you two! thankyou for your dedication D and D !!

Devil dog


Mission complete. I can't wait to see the video on these three phonies. I keep checking every hour on the hour that's how bad I want to see the outcome.U2 fucking rule



Don and Diane for president 2016 !!



Good info for the ladies D&D !...Diane you are so right about women who are naive to a military phony,, also its about control,, those turds use fear like Don said,,
a sad SITREP
ps...Don why does the slashes keep showing up in our post's?



you can tell Diane's a good driver, she looks left to right, right to left, constantly scanning scanning...we used to call that ditch to ditch ..God Bless you Shipley's...keep the faith

Umesh Heendeniya


@11:30 Reminds me of Schwarzenegger's "True Lies" movie. In that, the "secret warrior" who bullshits and romances the character played by Jamie Lee Curtis quite literally pisses in terror when confronted by the character played by Schwarzenegger. :-)

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I never imagined these phonies would be abusive like that. I guess I just assumed that it must be a weak, sad man who would make these fake claims. Then again, it takes a weak piece of garbage to abuse a woman, but still... I don't understand how a phony can justify abuse by blaming it on SEAL experiences they never actually had. I don't understand abuse in general.