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Ask Don and Diane Shit. America's Future Wars.

November 17th, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit. America’s Future Wars.


I Shot A Draeger  avatar
I Shot A Draeger said....  

So well said and prophetic..almost 3 years later

m.scott avatar
m.scott said....  

I'd feel safe knowing christiane cyborg justino was out icing bad guys. But that's probably the only woman I can think of that could hang. Maybe Serena Williams, she seems like a genetic freak enough to handle her shit.

RobG  avatar
RobG said....  

If theres anyones opinion to listen to on this subject its probably this fucking guy. Hes seen it all and has a pretty good view on things

Scipio92 avatar
Scipio92 said....  

Senior Chief, in th UK, I believe senior military commanders have warned against the 'creeping civilianisation' of the military'. Combined with this is the policy of ZERO collateral damage (is this a remotely possible realistic aspiration in war fighting operations) - and finally the terror troops and commanders face of
trial by media. None of these damaging strictures apply to the forces of Russia or China, never mind Daesh or AQ. This is a deeply worrying time, and I'd like to hear further comment from you on the situation. Best wishes from England!

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redcrown avatar
redcrown said....  

Cultural Marxism is everywhere, including the U.S. military. And, you're right, Don, it's deliberate.

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