Drdan said....  

Shut Bockbrader down, and let him fade into obscurity... Good job Don!

heavyhitter said....  

I am sort of pissed to hear this update, it just upset me to hear that "there was more to this story" line from him. Makes me think he maybe a little shady himself. Water usually seeks it's own level.......
You are such an awesome person for being the man you are and not everyone is worthy of your efforts. Keep doing what you do!

halsey said....  

Fuck Bill. Your the Don. You know, people threatening Senior is nonsense. Senior would have a whole Task group at his disposal to back him, whether its in a court of law or a street corner. People like brockshit have themselves and their demons. Nothing more. Razorback, your right, we do have a lot of tradition in the Navy.

Razorback said....  

The navy has all the tradition. I'm an army vet. The only tradition I remember is "ruck-up", "shut up", and "burn the shit" you fuckin new guy. I shoulda joined the navy.
....and there it is.

nicholas said....  

how is bill the pedo allowed on the internet? i remember seeing the video's on you tube of him in his tent and wondered how he was allowed on the internet after getting in trouble.