Ask Don and Diane Shit. 50 K Marine, Shellback, Better back off Bill

Ask Don and Diane Shit. 50 K Marine, Shellback, Better back off Bill




Shut Bockbrader down, and let him fade into obscurity... Good job Don!



I am sort of pissed to hear this update, it just upset me to hear that "there was more to this story" line from him. Makes me think he maybe a little shady himself. Water usually seeks it's own level.......
You are such an awesome person for being the man you are and not everyone is worthy of your efforts. Keep doing what you do!



Fuck Bill. Your the Don. You know, people threatening Senior is nonsense. Senior would have a whole Task group at his disposal to back him, whether its in a court of law or a street corner. People like brockshit have themselves and their demons. Nothing more. Razorback, your right, we do have a lot of tradition in the Navy.



The navy has all the tradition. I'm an army vet. The only tradition I remember is "ruck-up", "shut up", and "burn the shit" you fuckin new guy. I shoulda joined the navy.
....and there it is.



how is bill the pedo allowed on the internet? i remember seeing the video's on you tube of him in his tent and wondered how he was allowed on the internet after getting in trouble.

Jake the Snake


Oh yes crossing the LINE remember like it was yesterday, hard to believe it was 12yrs ago.



My Brother and Brother in law have both are Shellback's they dressed up like woman and had a bunch of fun.



Admirable position. Press on.....get some.



Became a royal Golden shellback in 83 just south of Ivory Coast Africa CVN-70. Was allready a shellback from 73 when we were in Singapore and went south just for the hell of it. When we crossed we had some Brits on a HMS I cant remember that came over and initiated the regular shellbacks so we could do the wogs. one hell of a deployment. sure wish i was young and could do another career but shit happens. age creaps up and grabs you by the balls and you look back over your shoulder and wonder where time went. i loved the navy and to this day still do. I went into the navy when vietnam was hot and retired may 89. honestly im sure the navy will allways be in me.. God Bless America,sadly i lived through the carter admin when old jimmy shit on the military and the civilians would treat us like shit,looking back Fuck em. no Obama got the navy below carter size,let us all say a prayer this changes asap. The red line in Syria became Putins grab. I really dont know about you guys but im sick and tired of wars.. Since ww2 theyve all ended up the same. We loose. Now is the time for another Reagen. We dont need Iran with NUC'S. Mr. Obama has destroyed the way every one of our allies look at us. SHITTY WEAKLY INEPT UNRELIABLE UNDEPENDABLE WESTERNERS WITH A PRESIDENT WHO IS A WIMP NAMED HUSSAIN OBAMA> Those are the words that they call him in the newspapers of the world. sorry for the Rant guys,just tired of seeing OUR country go down the toilet. Lets just pray clinton doesnt fill his high heels,cause if she does WERE FUCKED


Ed Fouche


Is that a real dog? Ha... Just kidding as I have CATs from hell. Would like you expand your show to Heavy Medal frauds in the USAF, USN, and USA. Ed Fouche

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