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Ask Don and Diane Shit. Scaring Diane.

March 14th, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit. Scaring Diane.


Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

Can't believe Don never woke up with fryinpanitis LOL!

BUDsClass2016 avatar
BUDsClass2016 said....  

LMFAO @ "You remember i'm the one going to be making your goddamn food in the morning"

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Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

I should actually say it's none of my business what you send in, not my website, ask em whatever you would like. that didn't sound good. This I mean:Send your good, serious questions to:

Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

Since I'm bored at the office this morning I will share with my fellow internet subscribers how to ask Don and Diane shit. ( It makes me feel very uncomfortable even typing their first names like I know them personally. Zero disrespect intended Sr. Chief and Mrs. Shipley) Send your good, serious questions to: Laz in Sarasota, Fl.

Umesh Heendeniya avatar
Umesh Heendeniya said....  

Wow, that commando style raid on Mrs. Shipley and her friend was hard to believe. People were gonna get fed some rreallly lousy food for the next few days until she was ready to forgive them.

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