Hogan said....  

This skit is hilarious, I laughed til I turned blue!

Lyle N said....  

I would like to hear all of your seal stories! I think you should tell more. Better yet, I think you should dedicate a channel to you and other seals telling their stories! Good idea?

o9vic said....  

Glock 43 for you

KevinKa said....  

I would agree, a long trigger on a handgun can really affect controlability and accuracy. By the time the internal hammer drops the muzzle can have moved a mile off target. That's why I prefer guns with external hammers that you can pull back into single-action mode and instantly have a nice "hair trigger". In SA mode I can hit targets 100 yards away; a long, hard double-action pull, no way, I'm lucky to hit a full-size silhouette at 7. Huge difference.
The heavier Glock also helps immensely with recoil, soaking up most of the recoil energy that might otherwise cause you to "anticipate" on a smaller gun and typically push the nose over and hit consistently too low. Not much fun to lug around, though. Glocks also have good triggers, due to their striker-fire design; although a long pull, very smooth and light.

SwedishDude said....  

I almost had a heart attack reading the title Ugly Swedish chicks! Swiss (Switzerland = cuckoo clocks) is not Swedish (Sweden = IKEA). Sweden is where the Muppets Swedish Chef and I come from. Ugly Swedish girls are just as rare as real SEALs.