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Ask Don and Diane Shit. SEALs in the Media.

March 11th, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit. SEALs in the Media.


Danny Boy avatar
Danny Boy said....  

Interesting stuff. Appreciate you two taking the time to answer some questions.

Kevtext avatar
Kevtext said....  

I think they are acceptable since often they are trying to make sure their team mates are remembered. they in my opinion earned their right to tell the story if they feel its one that should be told.

Katianie avatar
Katianie said....  

I think the books are a good thing. They are important stories and they should be told.

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Zig1 avatar
Zig1 said....  

zig zag
I know you aren't asking, but is there a way we can donate to the cause? I would love to be able to donate to a program that I could trust. One that would go directly to the program of helping those military personal that have given so much for our country. The purchase of land and facilities would be just the ticket to start such a program. Not rich, but if we donate maybe you could name a brick or little sapling after we donors. That part is just a joke, but really can we donate?

nicholas avatar
nicholas said....  

i watched the presidents documentary showing him watching the raid. thats how i learned about ubl getting killed.

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