Ask Don and Diane Shit. Bosnia, Porn and the Nutty Professor

Ask Don and Diane Shit. Bosnia, Porn and the Nutty Professor


Lyle N


I know you wouldn't let some college class steer you and your great talent. Keep doing what you SC! I love the way you do things!



Don awesome stuff ... I just started watching your videos ..... I was watching videos on Marcus Lutrell and saw one of your videos and started watching. Awesome u expose these coconuts. I was s military police officer for 5 years and lived serving my country but dang these characters who claim to be seals when they are not is just nutty. Thank you for what u sand Diane do. If u ever get to Maui look me up. Mahalo. Tom. Ps I'm going to enjoy being a member of your site.

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The look on Diane's face is priceless, when you explain how you met each other and that she was your gal, her face just lights up.




It never ceases to amaze me how clueless a college teacher/professor can become. There probably is not a group of people in ANY part of society that is more meaningless than this "professor" and his students. I can't imagine what group could even come close to equaling the worthlessness of this group. MAYBE one or two will climb out of this pointlessness, but for the most part, and especially the "professor," they will move through life making pointless observations, even more pointless plans, and all the while feel as though they have some kind of superior insight into the world around them; and have something USEFUL to offer on almost any subject. What a JOKE. I was at benihana with my wife, and we learned the couple seated with us included a professor of a college night course "entrepreneurial development" or some shit. By the time the main course was cooked, he'd invited me to speak to his class. Nearly 20 years ago I opened my own business with very close to nothing, and today I have three retail stores and a fairly large real estate investment/holding firm with over 450 doors. He knew this about me from our dinner chat, and I knew he'd never actually started nor operated a business. He CONSULTS with people who want to open their own business, but has NEVER done it! He hasn't even tried and failed to do it! I said "You wouldnt want that because my first advice would be to stop wasting time in classes like this. A man who has never built a business cannot tell you how to do it; and if you really believe his book is worth reading, READ it, but don't waste your time and money on classes like this." I didn't say it in a shitty way, nor even within earshot of his wife. Its so funny that these people stand in a classroom pretending to be experts, but what do they know? SOME of them are truly experts. Those who teach the more technical stuff, medicine, science, etc. But MANY of them are the slowest runts in the litter, and THATS why they are teaching. Didn't mean to ramble, but I have a thing about "teachers" who have never done anything except TEACH.



Liberal college class....let me guess. Does it involve heavy makeup and a pink tutu?

Billy Smith


No wonder why your son turned out so good



Boones Farm LOL - brings back memories of having nothing but happy times.



@didjman read Wikipedia on Senior Don Shipley and Blackwater. He has spoken many times in these videos about working for them.



They do say SEALs are the smartest, most physical fit men on the Planet -Mens Health Magazine- curious to know if it is true, SEALs attend language school, Lock school, it is continous education along with vigorous training daily while not deployed.



This was my question and I also have amazing hair. I Love watching yall.