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Ask Don and Diane Shit. Life after the Navy, Gold Star Parents

April 03rd, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit. Life after the Navy, Gold Star Parents


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Lawdawg715 said....  

I wish my family had the pleasure of Diane taking care of my grand father... My grand father joined the Navy at 16 years old and was part of the old China navy just like the movie The Sand Pebbles with Steve MQueen... Grand dad had the most amazing tattoos from back when a tattoo meant you had done some shit. Grandpa got out of the Navy as a warrant officer in the late 50's as a Machinest mate. He always carried a slide rule in his left pocket, talk about some amazing things that man could build... Thank you guys for sharing your live's and caring about people.

JayBee84 avatar
JayBee84 said....  

I am so glad to hear how you feel about erik prince. i read multiple books on blackwater and most painted him in a pretty bad light. then i read princes book and it really seemed like he was a legit stand up guy that loves our country. thanks for the conformation don.
i just love u and you wife.

Exhume_dk avatar
Exhume_dk said....  

What a profound moment right there. This is why we follow you all.
From my wife and me, thank you for your service and beyond.

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harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

Senior researching all his medals and making that shadow box for Red, what a gift for a dying man. So very heart touching. Mama Shipley sure has taken care of everyone. Shipleys are pure souls.

Brat68 avatar
Brat68 said....  

The best $14 AUD I spend each month. Thanks for keeping us entertained & informing everyone. You guys absolutely rock. Love from Oz!

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