Ask Don and Diane Shit. Staying married to Don Shipley, SEALs in Trouble.

Ask Don and Diane Shit. Staying married to Don Shipley, SEALs in Trouble.




I love you two - Im new to the site, after watching on YouTube. But I joined mainly because of the dynamic between you two - the passion shared can be seen in your eyes and your facial expressions.. I really love the moments in between when one is talking and the other is looking and the love and respect is just so deep that it can be seen through the camera. I have no military experience or association - Im not even quite sure how I wound up so into these videos but Im here haha I would love to have Diane give a list of what she believes makes for a happy, long, successful relationship- Im still young and not married and its hard enough with out those vows. I do run a charity and understand the passion that goes into your work so I have the utmost respect for both of you for that alone, for your military service all I can say is thank you and I wish I understood it more but I do know that as an American I, we, owe you at least a thank you.

Much love xo

Lyle N


You two are role models.

Go Navy 086


I read about Diane in Service by Marcus Luttrell. If anyone is more badass than Sr. Chief Don Shipley....its his wife. Im proud to know them (through the website)



I don't know if you would know the guy Don, but I went through Level 3 at Bethesda in 1993 with a SEAL who was a Senior Non Com rank of some kind who had been stopped for drinking and driving. When I talked to him he said his time was over as a SEAL because he would lose his security clearance for the charge.

Billy Smith


You folks seem real

je suis liberté


Too bad America has become a pussied country where cry bsbies rule and true Americans have to suck it up



I recall Diane stating she never complained to Senior while on deployments. I admire both of you for your marriage, beliefs, the reputation y'all carry in that community is high standards for sure. I know one SEAL wife who will contact her husband to complain about an ex husbands Facebook page or a post she doesn't like. I am glad Diane said she wanted not needed him in her life. Touching for sure. But what about the Lamb?



Your very lucky to have found each other and like you said Diane, you are friends first which makes a hell of a difference. You may fight but the making up is even sweeter! Hugs from Oz

Ashy Larry


I love you guys. you remind me of my dad and step mom



Yeah, just being in the military usually ends a lot of marriages. I had a divorce when I was in, like almost everyone else. I'm glad that you two stuck it out. You both bring a lot of smiles and joy to people all over. You guys are real, and that is pretty cool.