You are here - Don and Diane LIVE... November 11th, 2018 6 pm EST.

Don and Diane LIVE... November 11th, 2018 6 pm EST.

November 11th, 2018 
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Don and Diane LIVE... November 11th, 2018 6 pm EST.


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Debo said....  

Its pretty much OK but lyeah, audio does suck everly now and then

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audioengine said....  

As soon as Diane told us about the subscriber who but her ear buds in and the audio was clear I put mine in and never had a single prob. Idk if the audio just coincidentally cleared up at that moment or if it was the ear buds.... also, love the stories!!

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US INFANTRY-Hound Dog- said....  

No comment needed.

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BoyScout said....  

People up the road put on an amazing light display.

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube

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hball13 avatar 11/13/2018

hball13 replied....

Thats impressive and tastefully done...didnt look like a K-Mart job. Sound was pretty amazing also. Thanks fo sharing. P.S. its way to early for Christmas Lights. lol

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BoyScout, Simon77
EFD620 avatar 11/13/2018

EFD620 replied....

Had a local guy that used to go all out at Christmas. He even had an extra 100 amp service for just the holidays. He was single and lived alone,but everyone knew him as the Christmas guy. When he passed allot of people missed his displays. Local police even put a sign up saying the display was no longer being put up to prevent the traffic from clogging the road. We might not of known his name, but he is definitly missed. I serviced his furnace one year and the amount of stuff in his basement was just astounding. He just liked making people happy, his words exactly.

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BoyScout, hball13, Edso, Simon77
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hball13 said....  

The crazy shit you can find on YouTube!

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube

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