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FAKE DD-214 Discharge Papers

Military Discharge papers (Form DD-214) require little more than some White Out and a printer to manipulate and alter. Not so many years ago Servicemen "Hand Carried" their Service Records to their next duty assignment and some guys used their leave time to alter those records before turning them back in.

With the age of the Internet and computer programs it’s become much easier now alter DD-214’s and even create them without ever serving a single day in the military Instant WAR HERO

Attached are a few examples of fake and altered DD-214’s.

The first from Arthur James Dicken isn’t a real DD-214 and Dicken never served a single day in the military. But this fake one passed inspection by most while Dicken scammed investors of nearly $400 Million bucks.

While DD-214’s aren’t the easiest documents to understand simple mistakes are commonly made and easy to catch, the first one being "Spelling." Dicken misspelled "Coronado" and Camp "Pendleton" while forging the fake document.

His awards are also "GOONED UP," and anyone using Google could easily search those awards and conclude FAKE. Dicken claimed a 35 year E-9 Master Chief with four "Good Conduct" awards. 4 years between each award, in 1996 it changed to every three years and Dicken should have had at least 9 of those awards vs. 4.

The Combat Infantry Badge is an Army Award. The List of Navy Crosses can easily be checked and no one named Dicken was ever listed. Attending UCLA is also easily verified.

AJ Dicken is an idiot should have been one of the entries

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