You are here - The Hunt in Saganaw, Michigan for Phony Navy SEAL Captain Stan Szuber.

The Hunt in Saganaw, Michigan for Phony Navy SEAL Captain Stan Szuber.

May 19th, 2015 
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The Hunt in Saganaw, Michigan for Phony Navy SEAL Captain Stan Szuber.


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Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

SAY HI TO DANNY BERNATH: oooh, courtesy of someone else:
Home; 239-288-6034
Cell; 503-367-4204

Just Google search "Daniel A. Bernath" and look at the results. I advise you to have plenty of popcorn and beverage when you do, there's plenty. :D

Razorback avatar
Razorback said....  

No backseat driver here. I think you're doing a great job. One thing I would add: You are right about lawsuits. They are stressful and expensive procedures that take years to conclude. The only winners are the lawyers.

OberstStjupric avatar
OberstStjupric said....  

No complaints at all from me! You guys rock! Great work Sr and Mrs. Shipley! Well, actually Mrs. Shipley is a badass BM Vet also... So... Great work Don and Diane! :D

telesam avatar
telesam said....  

I know this creep. Thank you for giving me piece of mind. It is about time someone caught him in his lies. I tried and couldn't. I have had to deal with knowing he lives not far from me since I met him 10 years ago...I think....maybe longer. I have worked hard to forget when. His whole life is a lie. Thank you for this.

Detroit avatar
Detroit said....  

Don ANYTIME you need a right hand man Please let me know! i live here in Oregon

waywayway avatar
waywayway said....  


TomC avatar
TomC said....  

No complaints guys do a great job! I would never even think of trying to back seat are the experts!! Keep up the great work!!!

J.D. avatar
J.D. said....  

I think D&D crack corn along with Jimmy, so they will be -

Chadwright27 avatar
Chadwright27 said....  

Don and Diane have all the wisdom and experience in the Phony Busting Business. They know how to self evaluate and weigh the consequences from angles we, the viewers, have never even considered. They are the reigning experts on the subject. Would we go to an Extreme Seal Experience Shooting Course and tell Sr. how to run his Combat Shooting Class? Absolutely not! However, that is exactly what is happening with these backseat drivers. Sr. and Diane have ALL the knowledge when it comes to busting phonies. The rest of us are just along for the ride. They are taking all the risks doing this important work while we sit back and are entertained. Yes, it is just entertainment for us. If it wasn't we would all just support their work with our $10 a month and there would be no need for Wayne to put up with the hassle of producing these wonderful video clips.
Let's let the experts exercise their wisdom and judgement without telling Sr. how to do what he does best. How would you like Diane to come to your job and tell you how to do it? Exactly. Let them MAKE the videos while shouldering all the risk and responsibility and we can do our part by WATCHING the videos and laughing in the appropriate places. Now, everyone pull together and let's all do our assigned jobs!

C-Rod avatar
C-Rod said....  

Don't listen to the dumb asses. Sometimes when you are faced with an non winnable situation, you just have to reassess and prepare a new plan.

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