You are here - The Hunt for RICKY JALL BALL, Part Three.

The Hunt for RICKY JALL BALL, Part Three.

July 18th, 2015 
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The Hunt for RICKY JAY BALL, Phony SEAL, Phony Police Officer, Phony Fire Fighter, Phony Pro Football Player.


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michig911 avatar
michig911 said....  

😂 😂 just like my wife and I. I say something selfish and she rips me apart. 😂

Levi Taylor avatar
Levi Taylor said....  

We like however you guys decide to approach it. With or without the pro film crew. You guys do just fine

Levi Taylor avatar
Levi Taylor said....  

I just had to dick you. Didnt realize I could do that. No hard feelings mvp hahah. Sorry bro. That's a hilarious little asset to have by usernames hahaha

Levi Taylor avatar
Levi Taylor said....  

Duty* auto correct -.-

Levi Taylor avatar
Levi Taylor said....  

You guys are adorable lol. MVPappas.. its just a word bro. It's not like they are meaning it in vain of your beliefs or trying to offend you or anyone's beliefs in any way. Just let them do their thing -.- people get touchy over the most ridiculous stuff. If it offends you that bad then dont watch the videos and miss out on a damn good dutie done by damn good people. Problem solved

MVPappas avatar
MVPappas said....  

I love you guys and all that you do But ...... Please don't use go_ damn I don't know if you believe in God I hope you do, there is only one God the Christian God who is our Creator, our Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus to use His name in vain and as a cuss word is wrong. I ask you, the love you have for each other would you use your name in a derogatory manner as a cuss word. Just a thought

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divindan avatar
divindan said....  

It's CONTENT for me, but shaky video syndrome is tough to get over when you're on your own, especially with confronting jerkoff cunt phonys on your own... Up to you, you beautiful American Bad Asses!

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hax0rmort avatar
hax0rmort said....  

Don/Diane, You two are gold! internet gold! aside from how personal the phony claims are to me and other military/veterans, the comedy, candidness, history, experience and touch of Diane's flair, really make me sit down and watch a-z. I had signed up for a dime to see what was here that wasn't on Youtube, you all are doing a FANTASTIC job of filming and editing, the stories are fluid, you two really nail these phony bastards. This is ENTERTAINMENT! You will have me as a yearly subscriber when it's time to renew here in about two weeks. FANTASTIC!!!

fred avatar
fred said....  

this will probably be shocking, but according to studies by the VA and by a collection of "rescue missions", when someone, anyone, starts talking about their "military service", there is an 80% chance they are lying. either about if they were in the military, their branch of service, status of their discharge, or what they did in the military.

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Jason avatar 10/26/2016

Jason replied....

It's true. I'm a Salvation Army veteran and I hear all kinds of tales of phony missions.

Neroli_13 avatar
Neroli_13 said....  

Don and Diane, all your videos are awesome, but the ones that are done just by the two of you are much better than the "professional" ones. Their quality seems just as good to me and they're... kinna warmer and more personal if that makes any sense... Love you two and all best!

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hax0rmort avatar 10/05/2016

hax0rmort replied....

I agree! There is nothing you all are missing doing it on your own, EXCEPT A HOLE IN YOUR PIGGY BANK! I commented here specifically since this video addresses these concerns from some viewers, but I have been binge watching this for weeks now. LOVE IT! Don't change A THING! The Phony Seal of the Week channel on your page does NOT NEED TO EVOLVE! People are always wanting more and more content etc, that's why you all did a fantastic job of providing more than just PSOTW (Phony Seal of the Week)(you're welcome ;) (j/k j/k) Add whatever other channels and content you want over time, DONT CHANGE THE PSOTW videos. They are PERFECT! I'm specifically referring to the way you're doing them now, documenting from the time Don/Diane receive a call to research, prep, bringing in pros like MACK or Senior Chief, man, I love when you add the cut scenes during PSOTW and share personal stories from ya'lls life, share your family, funny stories, etc. I love hearing about the old days after BUD/s when you and Diane were having the kids and being broke and roughing it. I love you guys! Household name, it needs to be.

I'd love to see this on a network...... This page you have created here has more content then 95% of YouTube channels. You guys are legit, you have the substance to take this brand. Look, I know making money isn't why we're all doing this together (Don, Diane, family, friends, the whole military community is charged with outing these phonies, SEALs, SF, MARSOF, CCT, and then even COOKS, RADAR-MEN, RADIOMEN, SUPPLY, we gotta send these fuckers over to Don and Diane's place, have Don round up those cadets and commence to a whoop-ass party on their faces. C'mon guys, this is all our responsibility.

Also, I commend Don and company for the professional manner in which they conduct themselves. You all are true ladies and gentlemen. Sure, we get angry and curse, who doesn't, some of this shit means so much to you guys, I get angrier than you appear at times listening to some of these clowns spew for ten minutes NON STOP! GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS FOR MOST LIES?!?! WOW, THAT WAS AMAZING! LOL! I'll buy the farm guys, you got me, you got me, where do I send the trucks of money?l

-regular joe, not "special" Me and some others here not part of the community on this page are the only regular army, navy, marines, af, cg. 99.5% of our forces were special operators. Me and the blokes here did ALL the cooking, cleaning, fueling, transmitting, injecting, signaling, pulling, pushing, driving, flying, folding, paperwork, etc for ALL the branches combined during the last 70 years of Naval Special Warfare...... Leave it to Don and company for the whoop ass.....AFTER we weed out the phony fucks, use them as meat shields for our boys and girls overseas.

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