Stupid People, Stupid Cats and a Flood...

Stupid People, Stupid Cats and a Flood... MANY THANKS for the support...




LOL, okay, so I turn 17, walk into the navy recruiter tell him look the last grade I completed was the sixth grade, I worked on a farm, I had two and three jobs at a time, no legal shit I just hated fuckin school. Navy guy says sorry, you gotta have a high school diploma , shit, This is in Sept 1970, no draft. I go into the Army recruiter, same spiel, no, sorry kid ya gotta have a High School diploma, Fuck! So I walk outta the Army guys office and next is the Marine Corps office, theres this Gunny, smoking a cigarette, leaning against the door casing, he asks me how its goin. I tell him I got turned down by the Navy and the Army cuz I dont have a diploma. He says, come on in here son, lets see if we can work sumthin out. I goes in, give him the same spiel, he says, can ya sign yer name son? I says hell yeah, Fuck. Got me a four year hitch in the Marine Corps and a promise I would be a ground pounder.... what a cluster fuck that turned out to be!



LOL! "Oh come on you fuck'n kitty".



Hi Don and Diane! I just joined after years of watching the awesome videos on youtube. Just starting to check out the site but it sure looks like there's a ton of stuff here I have never seen! Thought you might appreciate knowing what motivated me to spend the ten bucks! On one of your youtube videos, a guy commented there, telling you how he felt you should be living your life instead of doing what you do. (That's all I am going to say unless you really want me to mention that assholes names. I don't think he deserves to have his name mentioned here. Anyway, his insistence that no one should pay to see your site and that you would do much more good by visiting VA hospitals without a camera crew, and maybe read to a blind soldier, was more motivation to join that anything you or your wonderful wife could have said to sell me! I needed to tell you this.... (I needed it for me, Not for you. I don't think for one second you need validation by me to believe in what you're doing.).....I needed to tell you that a guy like that, who just doesn't "get it", should never, and I hope, like I said, you don't need me to tell you should never let a guy like that get under your skin or give you pause. While I think it's incredibly important that our wounded warriors have visitors, and people to help them behind the scenes, it's equally and probably more important that awareness is maintained and raised about the horrible theft of valor from such heroes by the clowns who would sink as low as photo-shopping their face onto a picture of a fallen SEAL. DESPICABLE. DISGUSTING. Anyway, I know you've been told this a million times, but your mission is critical to the men who have served so honorably, and I know there are many,many people who share my hope you'll never give it up because of the morons who think they should tell you what to do instead. If you ever stop because it has just exhausted you to where you can't do it another day, I know every one of your supporters would understand. But please don't ever stop because a clown like that discourages you. And as for his suggestion that you simply "call the police"...if it were that simple I'd bet you would just do that. My own son is a prosecutor, and he loves his job, but he hasn't prosecuted anyone for "stolen valor". Why not? I can't answer that, but my guess is, he hasn't had a case land on his desk. So with so many occurrences of that crime every day,and no one within the system aggressively chasing these low-lifes, then who would be bringing justice to the men who so rightfully have earned it if you didn't do what you do? Maybe if you keep it up, you'll raise awareness of this issue to where police will respond aggressively when it's reported, and people like my son will get those cases on their desk. One more thing, as Columbo used to say: Where do I put in a question of my own for "Ask Don and Diane Shit"?? I've got a couple! Thanks to both of you,for everything you do, and if that dumbass who made those comments chose to call me a "fanboy" for supporting what you do, I guess I will just have to live with that!




How awesome - sitting on your dock fishing, having a drink, enjoying life, and shootin' the shit with us. I dig it.



A little ADHD Don? lol Good Advice though!



Lol Good advice :)



Dumber than a sack of wet mice? lol


No Nick


Lol Good advice :)

phony hater


During a recent Trump campaign stop, a heckler from the audience hollered, "Hey Trump, where are you hiding your tax returns?

The Donald politely responded, "I've found a very secure place that I'm certain they won't be found.”

The insistent heckler, then shouted, "And just where is that, dummy”?

The Donald smiled and said, "They are underneath Obama's college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and his Selective Service registration.

"What's your next question?




Gabby before morning coffe?