Still searching for a boat

Don and Diane search for a boat and back to court today they go




do you still have the sub?




Ur moods change like the weather. Good banter. They say owners look like their dog, that's sure as shite true for u Don, head full of hair, with the white and red haired beard. Uncanny.

Jamie W


My feelings giving my wife flowers...I still do it though, I'm not that stupid/brave.




Well, this probably isn't the type of boat you're looking for, but I know of a boat for sale. It's a 31' or 33' Contender open center console. It has 2 outboard Yamaha 300's. It's a newer boat and really nice. The price tag is $95,000. The only problem is, it's in Key West...

phony hater


A Touching Story

A cool way to take a casket to the cemetery

The funeral procession pulled into Waukegan Cemetery.
Several cars of family members followed a black truck towing a boat with a coffin in it.
A passer-by remarked, "That guy must have been a very avid fisherman."

"Oh he still is," replied one of the mourners.
"As a matter of fact, he's headed to the lake as soon as we bury his wife."


Cranky Old Veteran, JD


I just hope Bernath leaves his body "to science" because I have a means of gaining access to it if he does, and the event would be open to ESE members for an anatomy lesson complete with a full cadaveric dissection at a legitimate medical school. ESE members in good standing would be able to take an active part in the dissection of his corpse.I would remind folks that to drink from the skull of a vanquished foe, does involve properly cleaning and defleshing said skull, and so forth. It would be possible to make a cast of his skull, and then make ceramic mugs out of the cast.
It would of course be totally legal, because if he leaves his body to science, science will be in turn be willing to share his body for a detailed anatomy lesson. If on the other hand he be should bashful about leaving his body to science, I would offer that an organ donation card be filled out on his behalf, and slipped into his wallet.There is also the matter of an untimely death, which requires an autopsy, and I would offer that ESE should offer to be witnesses so that can report on the findings (or rather to confirm that no brain was found, and yes, it is possible for his head to be stuck up Dallas's ass).




Yesterday I discovered Mike Rowe's "The way I heard it" on you tube. I was saddened when "Dirty Jobs" fell by the way side. I've been watching these little jewels of wisdom for hours. He reminds me of my grandfather because he still believes that work is not a dirty word, and craftsmanship pays pretty damn good. He's on a quest to get our youth to learn a trade and stop living in mom's basement after getting their degree. You should check him out,it will bring a smile to your face. It reinforces my belief that America is changing(slowly but surely) for the better,with the help of a few key players like Mike and of course our Potus.




Hey Don check out Gootees Marine - its right outside Cambridge down in Church Creek.. I bought my first boat from them. good folks.. they have used boats as well..


Jamie W


The sleeping styles kill me. Face plant Sophie and Saturday Night Fever Molly!