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Phony SEAL of the Week. William James Burley

February 09th, 2015 
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Phony SEAL of the Week is William James Burley. A total phony SEAL who scammed some good people out of $50,000 with his bullshit SEAL background... Bill can tell his story to the FBI...
Bill gets his ass kicked...
A Rhode Island man who posed as a state trooper and staked out the Outlaw motorcycle club on School Street was fined and placed on unsupervised probation Friday.
William Burley, 25, of East Greenwich, R.I., had been watching the club’s clubhouse for more than four hours when police found him with a badge and handgun strapped to his leg in March.
His uncle, state trooper Joseph Silva, was inside the house, according to police reports. Silva, 49, of Taunton, later told police he was trying to "clean up the bars in Taunton," police wrote.
Burley pleaded guilty in Taunton District Court to Taunton police charges of impersonating an officer and possessing a firearm without a identification card. A charge of possessing a large capacity firearm was dropped.
A plea deal between Burley’s attorney, Rep. James Fagan, and prosecutor Jean Whitney requires Burley to pay $500 in court fees and spend one year on unsupervised probation.
Burley faced up to three years in jail on the charges. Fagan and Whitney both declined comment.
State police in Rhode Island charged Burley with conspiracy to commit robbery and possession of a silencer, following an attempted robbery in East Greenwich in May. Burley is next due in Kent County Superior Court Nov. 14.
Silva, meanwhile, faces a Taunton police charge of lying on an application for a firearm license. A Taunton resident, his gun license was revoked on March 20, the day Burley was arrested.
Early that morning, Taunton police were watching a West Britannia Street party thrown by the Outlaws. The party moved to the School Street house, according to police. Police found Burley in a car with tinted windows, facing the house.
Claiming he was with "special opps," Burley said Silva was undercover inside the clubhouse, according to a police report.
Police took Burley’s gun, a Jennings 9 mm pistol he said his uncle gave him, according to the report.
Burley then called Silva to say "Get out of there now, return home," according to the report.
"I assumed that my uncle, being a trooper, he would protect me like he said he would," Burley wrote in a statement to police.
Police caught up with Silva at his home, where he appeared drunk, according to a police report.
In preparation for a defense of Burley, Fagan requested state police records about previous disciplinary action against Silva.
The former state trooper’s gun license was suspended following a March 18 incident at the state police barracks in Middleboro, according to a letter Major Robert Mullen wrote to Silva on March 20.
"...the Department of State Police has grounds to believe...that you are not a suitable person to be issued a license to carry firearms," Mullen wrote.
Sgt. Scott Range, a spokesman for state police, said he could not discuss personnel matters.
When applying for a gun license in Taunton in May, Silva said his license had been taken while he was out on injury leave, according to a police report. Silva was placed on "restricted duty" March 21, meaning he was not allowed to carry a gun or drive a state police vehicle, Range said.
Silva retired on June 23. He is next due in court Dec. 12. He faces a mandatory six- month jail term or $500 fine if convicted, with a possibility of two years in jail.


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jsorrizzle avatar
jsorrizzle said....  

Thank you Don

Skipper avatar
Skipper said....  

He spent a lot of time/money on that diploma. What about that tough guy photo in front of a door. Timed selfie.

AussieJohn avatar
AussieJohn said....  

What a dick head his cams are a joke, his kit is a mix of two to three he is a real sad case

Roach avatar
Roach said....  

Senior Chief Don, is now a jackbooted SEAL. These boots are made for stomping all over this dickhead.

Secret Squirrel  avatar
Secret Squirrel said....  

I love it! Don is fucking pissed, and when he starts pacing that floor you better look the fuck out, cause hes fixing to take a fucking eyeball out! He needs to act that way in the face to face busts, scare the shit outta some of these guys!

AK avatar
AK said....  

best part is the fake fucking signature of a guy who does not exist.....idk don, lmao

Jimsarge3ID avatar
Jimsarge3ID said....  

Now this video in particular for example, prior to my previous post shows exactly what I was trying to express. I've never seen Don so upset that he began pacing during the phoncon. I don't know where this `William Burley` dude was located, but if he was in reaching distance `````` of the Ol'Man he would have been toast. Sidebar: [Ol'Man] isn't a reflection of Don's age, it's a endearment term we use for all 1SGT's, CSM's or Battalion Commanders].

Jimsarge3ID avatar
Jimsarge3ID said....  

That's why I love this private website. Doesn't matter if some uploads are from a year ago or current postings. They're all great & many funny as anything you might see or hear at a comedy club. . Some are very serious, but the "Ol'man" reads and responds to some which makes it more "personal". Some join for a $10 gig for a month, I say go for the three months @ the $25 rate - save $5 bucks per quarter. Now a "voice" enabled site could be more interesting, but this works well. And with regards to some post that Don should answer [or respond] to every single question posed to him on the thread, that's asking a bit too much as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure he & Diane are inundated with hundreds of questions daily. I understand the importance of "downtime", but I don't believe he enjoys much. If there's not a new video up, I go back and watch the old ones.

onmas avatar
onmas said....  

Well handled Don

PaulR avatar
PaulR said....  

That is one heck of a long piss going down in the background.

James is a full blown scam artist... fake docs and everything.

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