You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Tim Stramel, the Cheynne Kid.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Tim Stramel, the Cheynne Kid.

September 20th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Tim Stramel, the Cheynne Kid. If anyone encounters a phony you should just give me a quick heads up and hand the phone to that clown... I’ll take care of the rest. Many THANKS for the Support...


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Th3Gunrunn3r avatar
Th3Gunrunn3r said....  

It washhh a hunerwader 'sploshun. We washhh builing coral reehfsh in the Shahra deshurt.

Tony avatar
Tony said....  

I was a Savy Neal once ;) Neal team 67 i was a drunk waking specialist :) , its very sad to hear so many people talking shit,
I live in the UK shame we dont have a british Don to expose the phone SAS guys .. the biggest regiment in the british army according to how many claim service.

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farore01 avatar
farore01 said....  

Man Don if you ever come to az I'd love to tip one back with you, on me of course. You are a great American Don.

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Jason avatar
Jason said....  

I was in the Salvation Army with Tim.

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Sharon avatar
Sharon said....  

Always an excuse! Dipshits!

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geoffro avatar
geoffro said....  

If you go to Cheyenne, I'd like to go with you to meet this assmunch!

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quick_8 avatar
quick_8 said....  

Another phony bites the dust, love when Don asks them questions they can NOT answer correctly. The best was the DOR bell @ the BUDs compound!! Great work Don!!

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Mike Mac avatar
Mike Mac said....  

Don keep on keeping on. Get those frauds. I was a 95B Army. Out along time ago 1976. This shit just make me more and more annoyed.. Hope my membership let you keep hunting. Thanks to you and your wife... Mike

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HammesSr avatar
HammesSr said....  

I've never been in the Military, and regret not joining every day of my life. These guys who claim to be Seals or ANYthing they weren't in the Military need to find the closest ID-10T form and fill it out, fast! Just joined tonight. Great video!

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BUDSClassNumberBro avatar
BUDSClassNumberBro said....  

YEEEEOW!! Back in Oz Don! Thanks for the 2 weeks mate!!! I had a blast doing the course with you and the guys!! By far the best course of my life! Cruising down the North West River in the dark in the zodiac with 4 other boat crews, and the hundred other things. Awesome mate!! Cheers. Aussie!

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Copr33 avatar 09/28/2016

Copr33 replied....

Where in OZ?

Waveoff avatar 10/03/2016

Waveoff replied....

Well.... I'm pretty sure its nowhere near Kansas.

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Rooster, Stronghorse
geoffro avatar 10/13/2016

geoffro replied....


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