You are here - Part 1 Frederick Hunt. Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, the Frederick Maryland Hunt for Three Phony Navy SEALs.

Part 1 Frederick Hunt. Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, the Frederick Maryland Hunt for Three Phony Navy SEALs.

September 15th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, the Frederick Maryland Hunt for Three Phony Navy SEALs.

On the list was Raymond Floyd Sutherland, the Vice President (soon to be fired) of a Rolling Thunder Vietnam Vets Organization and a GREAT one.

Raymond diminishes his own service and all veterans past and present making these despicable SEAL claims.

No Phony SEAL will ever stand up to my scrutiny. EVER...


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guitar slim avatar
guitar slim said....  

@43:17 responding to Ray's urgent voice message to come quickly, Scott "Scotty" Scott spies Don from the background and quickly takes cover.

Garrett avatar
Garrett said....  

And a combat infantry badge too??? Hahahaha

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

Hows the new phonies video coming along, Don? Anything new for all us subscribers?

ResistanceRadio avatar
ResistanceRadio said....  

His name was Scott Scott hahahaha really that is what you threw out Scott Scott.

ShortMan85 avatar
ShortMan85 said....  

He's still VP, I guess he convinced everyone once Don left that he was telling the truth.

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rotex29 avatar 01/08/2017

rotex29 replied....

He's still all over the web being touted as a Navy SEAL. Don has outed him, maybe its time for other tactics to get him to shut it up.

JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

Own up, walk away, or fight. If a bloke aproaches you and starts calling you out, and you are telling the truth, well it's fisty cuffs time. On the other hand if your bullshitting, own up or walk away. Simple. Lying over the phone is one thing, but if you have someone in your face and you are in public, man up.

Go Navy 086 avatar
Go Navy 086 said....  

301-461-1663. Give Ray a call

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

This is so cringe-worthy that its hard to watch. The man will not tell Don what the setting sun means, like the patch is classified, which means he cannot think fast enough and doesnt know, obviously. Diane is right. The guy just won't quit.

Arturo avatar
Arturo said....  

why doesn't he just stop, just let it go, it's clear he was caught from the moment they warned him Don was around. What a liar.

arfire avatar
arfire said....  

Also I believe we have all, in one time or another, meet a chronic bull shitter like these in our lifetime, haha!!! They're out there among us. Always one upping us with their tales of grandeur, what they have done, and generally having a story for everything. A lot of times, their stories are entertaining with others crossing the line. These are professional bull shitters, world class!! Bull shitters bull shit, that's what they do.

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