You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. The Crossbow Phony SEAL Part Two.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. The Crossbow Phony SEAL Part Two.

June 10th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. The Crossbow Phony SEAL Part Two. The inquirer was actually verifying a legit SEAL in his club and mentioned another SEAL they had that he knew was legit but he was wrong.
It seems the stranger the claims the easier they are to believe for people. Killing Cong sentries with a crossbow and liberating 300 POWs was believable to him but not to me. MANY THANKS for the support.


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Th3Gunrunn3r avatar
Th3Gunrunn3r said....  

WTF is wrong with this guy? He has Nam service with a Bronze Star, and then he goes and fucks up honorable service by lying about SEAL service. Fucktard.

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Krump avatar 01/01/2017

Krump replied....

He sunk with alcohol... a Slow die over decades. He seems permanently drunk.

GunnerHunter avatar
GunnerHunter said....  

Don this is Sean, the one who helped expose Dale. Just to let you know he's now saying that he's a SEAL again and that you were in high school when he was in BUDS and that's why you don't know him. Also that it's impossible for you to have "complete" access to his "secret" files.. And what's worse is that he's got people believing him again that were never in the military like us. The BS never ends with this guy.

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Josh avatar
Josh said....  

I think they know they're going to likely be caught when they hear it don shipley. But they continue, repeat the lies as well as possible, for same reason guy will dig his own grave: another minute of life is worth it and maybe a miracle will happen. Fascinating psychologically to see their choices

StuDogg avatar
StuDogg said....  

I wish I could see the look on these fucks face when they hear..........hey it Don Shipley bro!......awww fuck I'm screwed!

geoffro avatar
geoffro said....  

Hard to communicate with an idiot when he won't shut the fuck up and talks over you??

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Buck J avatar
Buck J said....  

the guy sounds like grandpa on the real McCoys (Walter Brennan)

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jerry avatar
jerry said....  

as soon as that other guy said "Don Shipley is on the line he just wants to square some things up with you' i got all giddy like a little girl

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CaliEskimo avatar
CaliEskimo said....  

He just can't shut up.

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Machinist avatar
Machinist said....  

Someone put some paint chips in his drink. Wow!

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Sabo, Obas, Stencil avatar
Sabo, Obas, Stencil said....  

this guy is crazy as shit... he did too many drugs; just old and senile.; and/or drank some kool aid at a rave. this guy hit his head... he claims to have said only what he is told he did.

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