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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Target TWO Redux.

December 19th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Target TWO Redux. Kurt is the second Phony SEAL of the Week I did on YouTube. Having some fun with Diane today... Many thanks for the support...


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TexHawg avatar
TexHawg said....  

That dog...LOL! That was great! Sorry for your loss.

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Devil dog  avatar
Devil dog said....  

What happened to the next phony you promised us? Still working on it? Always anxious to see the next dickhead.

Joe45014 avatar
Joe45014 said....  

I cracked a funny about wanting more videos, and I do, but its WELL worth what I'm paying just to have access to the member videos, and the new ones whenever they come. We all know you have other shit to do, just like we do. If you were a circus pony that existed solely for our amusement, none of us would even want to see the videos. We have Netflix for that, and I would bet a 20 min video takes HOURS and HOURS to assemble in many cases. So the videos take however long they take. I, for one, am certainly not bitching.

SEALlyMan avatar 01/07/2017

SEALlyMan replied....

But at the same time, I feel like when he charges for it, it should be at least updated with why no videos are being posted since December 19th. Basically my entire month I've paid for, I've got 1 video. When it was free on YouTube there was always a new video, now it's like since he got paid already then why worry about attracting new, he's already won.

asshole avatar
asshole said....  

Just wondering why you still call it phony navy seal of the week when it's not every week. You say you get shit tons of calls and we're paying for them but we don't see them.

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

Just wondering if there are more phonies of the week on their way?

Joe45014 avatar
Joe45014 said....  

Okay, I felt like I took like five years off to let the videos just pile up, I come back and I'm through them in a day. I have a small farm about 90 miles from home. I carry a hotspot, and pay for 120GB PER MONTH for video watching, and I have Netflix, Hulu, but I PREFER the "Don & Diane Phony stomp" on my drive out to my place in the country twice a week. I am not bragging with my 120GB, I am just trying to establish the severity of my problem. Anyway, I am OUT of new Phony videos? I am not one of these guys that just says "give me more, give me more." I am happy to offer suggestions. I enjoy the phone call busts as much as the on the road stuff, but I think we need to focus more on the traveling busts hence forth. I mean, these guys knew who you were years ago. So today they are going to avoid your call like crazy. What if you were to dedicate yourself to taking the fight to them? Like, travel to, oh I dont know, NEEDLES, CA. for instance, and start hitting the bars, veterans gatherings, etc? Or, maybe start working the gun show circuit? I don't go to gun shows, but I bet they are LOUSY with Phonies! I'm spitballing here, but I bet if you dedicated 80% of your time, and a couple hundred grand a year to travel expenses, we could have a LOT more videos up?? Thoughts? Popularity is a two-edged sword. MOST people couldn't do this in an entertaining manner. Don and Diane are FUNNY! Period! And when they are not joking, they are still highly entertaining. So I think if they were to just HIT THE ROAD, we'd have phony videos hanging from the rafters; and frankly the HUNT for the phonies would be almost as entertaining as the busts. One of my stores is close to HAMILTON OHIO! I'm a rare coin dealer, and in almost 20 years at least 50 people from Hamilton have told me they HAVE a 1943 Copper Lincoln Cent. Now, there are only 10 or 12 of these in existence, but in HAMILTON OHIO EVERYONE is a descendant of Jesse James, is 1/4 "indian," is a roofer looking for work, has a 1943 Copper, and I'll just BET woven into the fabric of all that bullshit is a few dozen Phony Navy Seals. Not that I am trying to get you to start close to me, but its a thought? In all seriousness, I love the show, and would always be happy to support this work. Outstanding!

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Jimmy avatar 01/04/2017

Jimmy replied....

I feel you, like anything that we enjoy watching we want more and more and I agree that the face to face confrontations are so much more enjoyable but they must cost D & D a lot in gas and/or plane tickets. Out of interest how much would you be prepared to pay monthly to see what you said you wanted to see? I reckon the $10 is very reasonable especially if you enjoy watching D&D do other stuff outside the busts. I'd go to $25-30 a month for what you're asking for but they'll have to go pretty much fulltime to achieve that. Happy new year!

Joe45014 avatar 01/05/2017

Joe45014 replied....

Oh, I'd go $50-$100 a month without thinking about it. LOVE this show!

Dr PennsylVapia avatar
Dr PennsylVapia said....  

I miss Muj (sorry I do not know the spelling) what an awesome creature.

dedinho avatar
dedinho said....  

The first 2 minutes of this is HILARIOUS! Should be a "short" by itself. I'm sorry it was time for your pup to pass. They are special friends.....god damn laugh out loud funny tho.....

Rooster avatar
Rooster said....  

Great video Don but, can't watch it. I'm on vacation in Jacksonville, NC and borrowing a laptop with HORRIBLE speakers, guess I gotta wait till I get back. Hope ya'll are having a blast though.

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