You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Russell Arnold, the Pilot Rescuer, Iranian Ship Sinking, Boiler Tech Clown.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Russell Arnold, the Pilot Rescuer, Iranian Ship Sinking, Boiler Tech Clown.

August 05th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Russell Arnold, the Pilot Rescuer, Iranian Ship Sinking, Boiler Tech Clown.  Seems Wheeling WV is the current hotspot for phonies today and I need a drink after listening to Russell. MANY THANKS for helping take down Dan 'Disbarred' Bernath’s video sites. It means a great deal to Diane and I and I can accomplish the work needed for our charity and BUSTING phony SEALs to feed you guys... Thanks MUCH...


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Machinist avatar
Machinist said....  

This guy uses that keep talking continual and talking louder over the person telling the truth so that he can try to silence them. What a complete lying pos this guy is. Makes me want to puke coat hangers. I don't understand why someone who has actual time served will go off and claim that all of the crap that they come up with. Clearly a legend in his own mind. Yep I have it right here on my WD40 form sir I was a wing walking sniper on the SR71. I would reload the film on the spy camera as we flew at 120k feet and sometimes captain Kirk would come by in the starship enterprise and refuel us. Yep, it was really tough lighting that fuse under water on those sticks of dynamite and then taking my chewing gum and sticking it to a moving prop shaft on a big ship without getting sucked in, whooooeeeeee. What a line of BS. This guy would be a door greater at Walmart and tell people he was black ops under cover secret agent orange loss prevention MFer. Can we just find him and super glue his fking mouth shut.

GunnerRA avatar
GunnerRA said....  

I had a dream once where I was trying to hit someone as hard as I could, but what ever I did it just wasnt hard enough. I woke up in actual tears from the frustration. I think that if I ever hit that guy it would never be hard enough to make me feel happy. I'd be punching and punching and his face would be a bloody smear on the floor, but I'd still not be happy that I had hit him as hard as I wanted to!

I don't know where that came from, but listening to his whiny voice drone on and on and on just flicked my anger switch! He's the reason that God invented Bayonets!

Ragnarok691 avatar
Ragnarok691 said....  

That was painful.

michig911 avatar
michig911 said....  

He just babbles for days.

chickensoup avatar
chickensoup said....  

"The integrity of a can of tuna fish!" LOL.

Pablo avatar
Pablo said....  

wow. just wow

Krump avatar
Krump said....  

Another supreme phony navy soldier seal exposed.
Good job!

Krump avatar
Krump said....  

It just does not stop... Endless story over and over.

B.B. Wiggs avatar
B.B. Wiggs said....  

That guy was the most practiced liar I think I've ever heard. He talks bullshit like he has a PhD in it. Wow.

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