You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Rodney Mann Part Two. The Author, Michael Shriver, clears things up, but me Thinketh Shit River Overfloweth...

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Rodney Mann Part Two. The Author, Michael Shriver, clears things up, but me Thinketh Shit River Overfloweth...

August 27th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Rodney Mann Part Two. The Author, Michael Shriver, clears things up, but me Thinketh Shit River Overfloweth. MANY THANKS for the Support...


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SonOFaRANGER avatar
SonOFaRANGER said....  

Any follow up going to happen again on this author? I still see the book for sale too. He's got to be still collecting checks. What a dick!

bhackbarth avatar
bhackbarth said....  

Mike sure came back from that walk quickly. If he was out on a walk with the dog then I'm the pope. Wife lied through teeth "let me see if he's back".

Mike was right by the phone the whole time. Too much of a coward to call Don or return his call...instead asks his wife to call Don and ask if he's facing legal ramifications. Don saw through it and asked why was he talking to the wife...

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KevinKa avatar 02/25/2017

KevinKa replied....

You can hear her shushing a barking dog while Mike was supposedly still out.

Angry8404 avatar
Angry8404 said....  

Mike is full of shit - and still selling / (presumably) profiting from the sale of this book -

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Chad9mm avatar
Chad9mm said....  

This dude is just the smarter of the two and he's gonna stick all this shit on the dumb one...Both fuckin liars...Just listen to that smoke screen bullshit..

KevinKa avatar 01/08/2017

KevinKa replied....

Mike gave up his partner-in-crime pretty quickly. He tried to push the entire blame on Rodney. I think it's pretty clear at this point the two (three including the wifey) colluded to deceive.

They say there is honor amongst thieves. I guess there is no such arrangement between liars.

KevinKa avatar
KevinKa said....  

Strange, a dog barking when Mike was supposedly out walking the dogs.

NWTopCop avatar
NWTopCop said....  

I just tried posting a review on Amazon, without actually buying the book. In it, I plugged the videos.extremesealexperience website. My review is currently under review. We will see.....

Flowermonkey avatar
Flowermonkey said....  

This one hit home.
I have CRPS/RSD and I started following Extreme SEAL Experience when I found them on Ustream ,searching for something to distract me from the pain I was experiencing. The humour and banter between everyone was superb and even better as we were interacting in almost real time. If they could ever bring a similar feature on here it would be amazing.
This condition is brutal, it takes an average of two years to get diagnosed as there is no definitive test. You go through a battery of invasive tests and treatments all the time while in pain and being assumed to be lying or maybe worse drug hunting.

Now please don't think I'm excusing this piece of Sh1t, I'm not, I will be going back to my CRPS/RSD support groups to pass the word that he's lying about being a SEAL. By the conditions overall effects on your life, many of us are vulnerable. The combination of the physical and mental effects of the condition makes a semblance of normal life difficult.

I dispose this man's lies and what else in his book is just another fabrication. Making money off lies because other's will buy his book to support him , just as I and many of you will have subscribed, bought items or donated to causes to help fund or support them. We do these things because we believe in the act of support or charity, it separates us from the pond scrum out there.

I've been missing off here for a few months as I have been struggling with negative and suicidal thoughts. I am doing better and so I'm pootling about again. To have this git playing on a condition that I struggle daily with makes me so angry.

Senior has made him famous on here and the wider internet community, I will continue it into the CRPS/RSD community.

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JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

Yep, when you offered to three way chat and Mr "Author" said no, coupled with his wife calling you and his behalf asking "what's my husbands legal exposure", you know this hat wearing fucker is in on it. He actually sounds exactly like the Valor thieves. Fuck em Don.

Stronghorse avatar
Stronghorse said....  

I tried to submit review of this piece of garbage on Amazon, telling what a total lie it is, and Amazon rejected the review.
Go figure.

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Collins77 avatar
Collins77 said....  

These videos crack me up. Any dimwit should be able to smell the bullshit, immediately, coming from these peoples stories. They are so transparent and, obviously, the author absolutely knows that the book is bullshit.

Back in the late 90's I worked for a textile company that employed two former Navy SEALS. Their favorite thing to do was bullshit (1 up) each other, very entertaining. Everyone, except them, knew they were bums.

Good work Shipley

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