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Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. PAUL D. HUSEN The DD-214 Doctor.

November 30th, -0001 
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Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley BUSTS Paul David Husen of Los Angeles. Paul is a Nurse who Doctors his DD-214 to show he was a highly decorated Vietnam Navy SEAL Lieutenant and he was NOT.

Paul was discharged from Active Duty as a Seaman Apprentice, an E-2,  in October, 1978. He was too young for Vietnam but Paul doesn’t let that stand in the way of a good story to get a job...

According to this link Paul was a HM-2 in the reserves in 1999 parading around with a Trident and Navy Cross.

According to this one
...What ever happened to that sh!t bird, HM2 Paul D. Husen? (Wearer of the Trident, NC, 2SS, BS, PH’s etc.) I heard he was getting tossed out of the Navy but never heard if you guys got to string him up....

It seems Paul BS caught up to him...

When you lie about being a SEAL, Vietnam, and Navy Cross, what can you believe? Paul is claiming a Masters Degree and being a Navy LCDR in Desert Storm and I don’t buy a BIT of it...

Being a Nurse with a history of altering documents and lying about your credentials is SCARY...

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breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

This just might be my favorite video... I think I heard Paul's anal sphincter slam shut when Don came on the line... LOLOLOL

breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

I swear, sometimes it looks like Diane is going to kill Don...

JD avatar
JD said....  


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JD avatar
JD said....  

justa jungle cat?

VickySFL  avatar
VickySFL said....  

Another idiot exposed! Thanks Don.. And thank you Diane for always making me smile and laugh with your contagious humor!

itsdonshipleybro avatar
itsdonshipleybro said....  

my favorite phony seal video of all time. When Don comes on the phone during the three-way call is just hilarious.

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Skipper avatar
Skipper said....  

Movie prop. That was rich! Got that jerk-off. AND...You and Diane are hilarious!

jsorrizzle avatar
jsorrizzle said....  

Don chugging the Jack!

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River Otter avatar
River Otter said....  

Yeah..don't you remember John Rambo's DD-214?

medic2760 avatar
medic2760 said....  

As a Paramedic this f**king scumbag really pissed me off. Who the hell is this F**king street skirt trying to fool? I would love to meet this guy. You cant fix stupid however.... I can sedate it paralyze it and intubate it.

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breezyjr avatar 10/06/2016

breezyjr replied....

I'm a fellow paramedic, and never heard the Sedate it, paralyze it, and intubate... fucking hilarious...

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