You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Part 2 Robert Howard Dunn the Life Long Fuck Up Phony SEAL.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Part 2 Robert Howard Dunn the Life Long Fuck Up Phony SEAL.

February 16th, 2017 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Part 2 Robert Howard Dunn the Life Long Fuck Up Phony SEAL. MANY thanks for the Support.


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Daz123 avatar
Daz123 said....  

Not sure what all your problems are.. He's legit.. I served with him in seal team 32, in the 1st world war, the classified team where they used to shoot us out of torp tubes up the beach in drag.. no one would expect a covert team dressed as women. Worked every time.. we had to report straight back to general custer once we'd captured Kim Jong un

Boats2 avatar
Boats2 said....  

Road Trip!

NWTopCop avatar
NWTopCop said....  

This clown is amazing. But, I must say that I'm sold....not on his story, but on the decision to change our uniform cover at NWOSU PD. Goodbye ballcap, hello Festus hat! Wherrrrrrrrre, oh, WHERE can I order a quantity of those spiffy hats? My officers will love 'em! I wanna make them standard issue; without a trident, of course.

Beandoggger avatar
Beandoggger said....  

So.....where is the institution where he lives?

Zitsky avatar
Zitsky said....  

His penis is also a registered weapon…a sawed off shotgun.

Pep avatar
Pep said....  

Holy crap, I could just puke listening to this fucker tell his bullshit stories.

What a disgusting piece of shit this sorry ass is ...

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onmas avatar
onmas said....  

"My hands are registered weapons" .... er, nob

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Simon77 avatar 02/19/2017

Simon77 replied....

When somebody uses that "registered hands" line you know they are a real nitwit.
The best explanation I have heard is that it goes back to at least the 1930s, think populated areas like NYC and lots of boxing fans.
Wannabe tough guys would challenge boxers, later wrestlers etc. Somebody thought of the "registered weapons" ruse as both a warning and a step to give the guy a way out.
A few guys would get some cheap cards printed up and in some cases they'd even get a desk officer down and the police dept to sign in (probably a boxing fan).
Fiction writers picked up on this and it eventually ended up on movie scripts.

Cam avatar
Cam said....  

Good Morning everybody, from rainy Vancouver, BC. New to the website but certainly not new to Diane and Don! I have watched, respected and admired those two for a very long time. Mr and Mrs Shipley, you will have my undying gratitude for your Service, both past and present. Your dedication to your Naval community, your Country, and your continued steadfast, no-quit determination to expose and eradicate this nonsense is inspirational. We're not immune to this crap in Canada. Our elite Special Forces are called JTF2 and although highly secretive, the number of guys claiming to be part of them is disgusting! Well at least on both sides of the Border these kind of clowns have one thing in common ... Phonies who are Life Long Fuck Ups.
Go Shipleys Go!

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SSgt avatar
SSgt said....  

This dude said he didn't take a shower for two weeks... because the enemy wouldn't smell his funky ass from a mile away...

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medic2760 avatar
medic2760 said....  

Hey... does that 7 ackers come with a mule? Men I got gypped lol

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