You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. Part 1-JAMES HOSKINS the Pumpkinhead SEAL.

Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. Part 1-JAMES HOSKINS the Pumpkinhead SEAL.

November 30th, -0001 
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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS Phony Navy SEAL James Hoskins of Minster, Ohio.

Mr. Shipley, thank you for taking my request to verify what I believe to be a fake Navy SEAL.  This guy is posting on Facebook and I am sure other websites saying he was a Navy SEAL and was discharged after a HALO jump gone wrong and is now on disability from it.  He then apparently went to work for Blackwater.

His Name:  James Hoskins
Hometown:  Brookville, Ohio
Current Town:  Minster, Ohio
Age:  Mid 30’s (I believe he graduated from high school in 96)
Phone number (posted on facebook) 937-710-3008
Business Phone: 419-628-6015
Facebook page:
He is the President/CEO of Hoskins International LLC out of Minster Ohio

To verify any Navy SEAL claims visit


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Cinephile83 avatar
Cinephile83 said....  

i have a question:

In LT Murphy's BUDs class picture, he (along with a few of his classmates) is wearing a different hat and short combo than the others. Why is this?

Is it because they are already a higher rank than the others?

eyeinthesky avatar
eyeinthesky said....  

LMAO!! Wow scary Haaa

CNC pro avatar
CNC pro said....  

What boggles the mind is when they can't name anyone in their Buds can look up SEALs and see their class number. So these phony fucks don't have enough sense to see who actually was in the class they're pretending to have graduated from......astonishing..

Kickdiesel avatar 08/16/2016

Kickdiesel replied....

That's why Don asks that question. How could they look up who graduated the class? Obviously Don has special permission and clearance to have the database, and it's not able to be searched, which is why that question always sends these idiots in a tailspin. Don spells out when he graduated BUDS, and we know what class they're in now, so it's easy for these guys to come up with a class number... but naming classmates-- impossible. I love that he asks them the questions anyway. Don just toys with them at this point. He's looked them up long before he makes the phone call. If they're not in the database, they aren't a Seal. Anything after that is entertainment value--- and driving poor Don to blood pressure medication!

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CNC pro, JimmyTwoTimes
CNC pro avatar 08/25/2016

CNC pro replied....

Kickdiesel, I googled list Navy SEALs and class number and it popped up. Check it out, maybe it's not legit but there are SEALs listed in there

Indiana Jones avatar
Indiana Jones said....  

this phony looks like tony soprano with down syndrome

Guitarpicker avatar
Guitarpicker said....  

One of the very Best!!!! And he is in a rubber room now......Ha!!!!!

Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  


LisaEuro avatar
LisaEuro said....  

I was freaked out when I clicked on the "business" link provided in the description of this video. I had a blue screen with an error message stating that I had a virus and instructions to call a number. There was a pop up with a number to call. I did NOT press ok and I did not call any number. I went to the task manager and restarted my laptop. Is there anything else I should have done? Also, when I came back to ESE I forgot that I wasn't logged in and tried to leave a message. When my comment dubbed me "No Nick" I almost had a kitten. Geesh. I'm not computer savvy so any input would be welcome. Thank you.

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Rustyz28 avatar
Rustyz28 said....  

Curse you Dr. James Luttrell!

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jmacd avatar
jmacd said....  

This has to be my favorite bust, how such a rotten, worm ridden piece of shit can make me laugh so hard continues to amaze me, but I watch these two videos and can't ever make it past "Dr. Hoskins" without tearing up with laughter, what a tub of lard shit

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