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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week Mike Hudson

March 22nd, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week… Mike Hudson…

Mike Hudson of Sacramento, California (Shingle Springs) claims to be a former Navy SEAL with two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star from Iraq. He also claims an “Accommodation METAL” when it should be Commendation MEDAL.

Mike also spells like shit when bullshitting people about the countries hes been to in combat, but Mike admits hes not the sharpest knife in the drawer. 

Mikes company, Preservation Specialists of Northern California, is where he spews plenty of SEAL shit for customers and Mike was ratted out by a former employer/co-worker who explains that Mike is a really big asshole.

No surprise there


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paisa avatar
paisa said....  

Go look for that Shit eater, expose him in front of everyone im with Don i'm also sick and tired of them getting a free ride at the expense of those who have died and droppred blood for all these clown benefiting economically, getting etc.

DJ avatar
DJ said....  

I do believe he might have shit his panties towards the end of the conversation, he was definitely in a rush to get off that phone as quick as possible.....

JimmyTwoTimes avatar
JimmyTwoTimes said....  

fuckin' weasel.

RobG  avatar
RobG said....  

This guy is a joke, crazy the phonies are never ending. Also Dons shirts are great

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UPSerNolan avatar
UPSerNolan said....  

Look up all your information online....because that's always accurate, just like you were a distinguished decorated SEAL...Next you'll find he was a 6'9 265 pound UFC Champ that was a billionaire and is the founder of Apple.

SirNick avatar
SirNick said....  

"Who knows what anybody does" lmao

BigBrian509 avatar
BigBrian509 said....  

It not only says Accommodation, he also wrote "Metal," not medal! What an idiot

CNC pro avatar 08/28/2016

CNC pro replied....

Well.... the medal is made of metal.....right?

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HTown avatar
HTown said....  

I see he still hasn't changed his linkedin. He still has his Accommodation medals, and served in Gernada,Panama,Yeman,Kuait Iraq,
Somalia, Lebanon ,Bahrain, Phillipines, Korea, Australia, Guadalcanal,
Japan, Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, And various other regions through out the world.

WOW, this clown has some issues spelling "Gernada", "Kuait"? C'mon dishit, at least google the flippin countries,( the flippin was for you Shipley)!!
Check out fuckboys linkedin at

Mike "Hank" Hudson
Preservation Specialists of Northern California
Sacramento, California AreaReal Estate

CNC pro avatar 08/28/2016

CNC pro replied....

I can't misspell a fucking word because the computer automatically underlines the misspelled word.... How do you fuck that up? A lot of times you can change a letter and it gives you the correct spelling... You gotta be a real bucket of spunk to fuck that up..

Big Sol avatar
Big Sol said....  

I love how they basically out themselves. I'd be willing to bet that ALL retired Navy SEALs know who Don Shipley is, so simply saying "I don't know who you are." is the same as admitting they're not a retired SEAL.

Oma avatar
Oma said....  

Oh dear Lord, he's about 20mins from my house. Were about 20 miles North East of Sacramento in El Dorado Hills. I hope I see his sorryass at the grocery store. What an asshole.

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