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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Michael Skogg, the Kettle Bell Dude.

May 20th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Michael Skogg, the Kettle Bell Dude.

I went after Mike as soon as we landed in Portland but he wasn’t there. Our timeline didn’t allow for another run at him.

Mike asked me to re-visit the hard work he was going to do to remove the SEAL/Special Forces claims. I can’t see that Mike accomplished JACK SHIT so I’ll help him along a bit.

Thanks for the support...


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paisa avatar
paisa said....  

It would be nice if Don could do damage to this clowns, because at the expense of the real seals they're making profit and benefeting, those idiots deserve that an more.

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

Funny how this guy made it Don's problem with the "followup with me in a week" statement. Like he is doing Don a favor. Good on Don for telling him He doesn't have the time.  I don't blame Shipley for getting his back up on this one in particular as the guy is, as Shipley says going to come up with more "double talk" .

TMelo avatar
TMelo said....  

You-you-you-you-you prick! Lol

Big Sol avatar
Big Sol said....  

This guy's garbage, but Don, let's be fair: You talk about "hero or zero" moments, but even when these guys immediately fess up and admit that they lied and say they'll stop, you keep laying into them. We both know they're fucked by the time you contact them, whether they fess up or not.

Paul1973 avatar
Paul1973 said....  

One thing I've noticed throughout these videos is that the wives/girlfriends of these phonies aren't as innocent as they'd like us to believe. They're fully invested in their cushy lifestyle and if they have to tell a few lies or back up their man who lies, they don't think twice. These women will gladly sell their integrity to the highest bidder in trade for a big house, closet full of shoes or whatever other shiny new object they think they can't live without. Skogg's wife is no different. It's sad when you think about it. But make no mistake, I don't feel a bit sorry for these phonies or their wives. As Senior Chief says, "they've made their bed, they can lay in it for awhile". By the way, I know that there are many women who are in no way an accessory to their man's bullshit, and I feel for them. They don't deserve the shitstorm that they've been sucked in to.

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CNC pro avatar 07/16/2016

CNC pro replied....

That's a great point, it's literally as important to the wives/girlfriends as it is to the phony. They ride right along on that fake train, all the adulation, free drinks, meals, business connections, etc. I'll bet some know they're lying, but as long as the gravy keeps on comin'.....

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Skipper avatar
Skipper said....  

X-C-Lent! He's so full of BS!

Wilson  avatar
Wilson said....  

Great work guys just joined today from Australia ✋ G'day. .

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Koko avatar
Koko said....  

There is no statement on his facebook page stating that he was never a seal.

katskratch avatar 02/05/2016

katskratch replied....

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Katianie avatar
Katianie said....  

I kinda laughed out loud when she closed Don's car door.

WakelessColt avatar
WakelessColt said....  

Did you mean the actor Daniel Baldwin?

KevinKa avatar 08/21/2016

KevinKa replied....

"Actor Daniel Baldwin was introduced to kettlebells...when renowned trainer Michael Skogg pitched Baldwin’s production company on a DVD series featuring the back-to-basics weights."

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