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Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. Michael James Fortner. Phony Navy SEAL.

November 30th, -0001 
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Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley BUSTS Michael James Fortner from San Lorenzo, California. 

Michael, a "former" church deacon, decided it’d be a good idea to tell a bunch of SEAL lies on camera for me to find...

Michael has been living this lie for DECADES.

The unfortunate part is that to BLAST Michael I also had to include the pastor who set all this up and praised Michael with a microphone on stage. Hopefully the next time someone bullshits him he won’t be so gullible. Lesson Learned... 

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michig911 avatar
michig911 said....  

😂 leave mom alone 😂 My mom was the same way. she passed.

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

6 miles up? Almost 35,000 feet? Jumping with a parachute? And why is the moderator such a shmuck? Laughing and playing along...the whole thing could be a sitcom. No kidding. The whole thing.

StuDogg avatar
StuDogg said....  

That song was unexpectedly catchy!

TwistedNav avatar
TwistedNav said....  

If I lived in the US, I'd love to know you guys - Diane's laugh is so infectious!

JD avatar
JD said....  

Dam... 43 yrs. not that's commitment.

Skipper avatar
Skipper said....  

What a stinking piece of dog shit! Makes me mad because he's claiming to be a Christian. If he believes in God (which I doubt) he would believe that God knows and sees everything and this guy is in the middle of the church doing this. That "pastor" is pretty gullible and lazy. "I had to clean my britches"...only because when you wear anything its full of shit.

And the Indian guy singing...that is priceless! Never serving in the military myself, my eyes are opened watching these videos.

jmeng43 avatar
jmeng43 said....  

i wish i could play cards against this phony, everytime he'd bluff, he would look up at me. Just like when he lies on stage, he always looks up to see everyones reaction when he tells a whopper of a line. freakn piece of crap!

oli avatar
oli said....  

The volume is waaaay to high with the music video parts, wow...unwatchable!

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