You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Kurt, The I won’t kill Women and Children Dude.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Kurt, The I won’t kill Women and Children Dude.

May 27th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Kurt, The I won’t kill Women and Children Dude.

Hopefully... Kurt will pay back the money he owes on Friday.

If he doesn’t then I’ll throw him into the arena for you guys and blast his name all over the internet.

Everyone please ’Cool your Jets’ until then.

That Marine and his money are priority one.

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Joe45014 avatar
Joe45014 said....  

This guy APPEARS to come clean, but he NEVER stops lying. He's BUSTED, but begins damage control INSTANTLY. People need to be aware that the TRUTH seasoned with lies, or LIES seasoned with the truth, are BOTH easier to swallow. Listen to what he says when Don asks: "Were you booted?" Answer: "YES, I broke my back....I signed up for BUDS......I was unable to finish." I PROMISE you THIS turd NEVER enrolled in nor began BUDS. So, the first part of his answer is TRUE: "YES"(i was booted). Then he began with the bullshit...broken back.....then he says that he'd only SIGNED UP for BUDS....THEN he says "I was unable to FINISH." Finish what? BUDS? But I thought you only SIGNED UP? If you DROPPED OUT or were hurt in BUDS, you'd have said THAT, but you said "signed up" THEN finishes it off with "Unable to finish." This guy is a pathological liar. I assure you he is lying to MOST of the people in his life, both professionally and personally. Maybe his Veteran program is a good thing, but this guy LIES, and when he's caught, he just keeps feeling for that edge...."Yeah okay you got me, I am ashamed, blah blah.." and by the end of the sentence he's just this poor guy that WOULD have been a SEAL but for his broken back!! BULLSHIT. I am ALL about FORGIVENESS, but forgiveness HAS to be conditional. If you want UNCONDITIONAL Love, you get that from your dog. UNCONDITIONAL forgiveness you get from Jesus, or whoever is in that role in your religion. PEOPLE that offer unconditional forgiveness are actually what grifters used to call "marks" or "fish." They will bite that shiny lure, get reeled in, thrown back and BITE IT AGAIN! So at the end the Marine says "We at least need to have a little talk" and the PHONY is STILL LYING to whatever degree he can get away with at the moment. I was fishing off the Cherry Grove Pier 25 years ago, and I saw this old man pull in a baby shark. I'm no real fisherman, and never been around the ocean much, so I was excited and wanted to see it. He took it off the hook, held it by the tail and WHAP!! whacked its head on the railing, and tossed it back. I couldn't have been more shocked if he'd stuck it up his ass. I watched this happen a few times, and strolled over: "Hey, can I ask WHY you are whacking those on the railing?" He said that they know right where that bait is, and will come right back, so he does that to make them swim off confused, in hopes they won't come back. Is he full of shit? I have no idea. I think if he'd hit me in the head with a bat, I'd have struggled to find my way back to the rental house, so maybe? The point is people will often get HOOKED by the SAME hook over and over. Maybe what they need is a sharp blow to the head to make them stagger away from the bait? It sounded like Don was going to stay engaged and make certain this Marine was satisfied. Ultimately its up to HIM, but I HOPE he got his money back and RAN!

Farnsy  avatar
Farnsy said....  

I'm just sorry that this stolen valor has gotten so prevalent that a REAL retired master chief of the seals has to deal w these D bags on a day honoring him and all those who served. Thanks to ALL who really did serve.

I agree w Jason, I don't respect this fool. He only said seal to get business deals and that's not respectable in any capacity.

Jason avatar
Jason said....  

Why does anyone in the comment section respect this guy? So what if he came clean!

He lied.

It's like when so,done who gets sober off drugs gets congratulated.

Look, congratulate the person who did not end up ruining their life.

I've seen lowlifes in my family who stole money, were bad parents and suddenly because they hit rehab it's "we are so proud of you. Congratulations! You're amazing"

No. Be proud they fixed themselves up but why heap praise?

So why heap praise or say you respect a guy like this? He told a terrible lie.

Saying he's sorry now doesn't change what a scumbag he was.

I don't respect him.

I'm happy he came clean and wish him well moving forward but I sure as shit won't be buying a cake for his party as we all celebrate him coming clean when he never should have fucked up to start with.

Motorolla Nova avatar
Motorolla Nova said....  

At least he was honest.

StuDogg avatar
StuDogg said....  

I think what pisses Don off so much with this guy other than the fact he ripped off a Marine is that Don knew the guy from dealing with him prior to all this, keep up the bustin Don! Your honoring your service and everyone else in the military

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

I hope the guy came through with the money for Spencer. Good on Don Shipley who helped him out. 

breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

Wow... this is the first I've heard a phony admit he was wrong. What was funny, was the guys voice when Don asked if he was a seal.. LOL

SirNick avatar
SirNick said....  

I liked this video, the fact that he became honest and admitted to his false claims makes me respect him, i won't hold a grudge because everyone is wired different. But he better pay that money back!

itsdonshipleybro avatar
itsdonshipleybro said....  

Jesus what a lowlife

ZERO86 avatar
ZERO86 said....  

Pay up Kurt. I live in DC and am self employed. I have government connections like every other asshole that lives here. If you don't pay I'm on board to bury you.

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