You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, JOSEPH ALBERT HICKS. The Phony SEAL Salesman.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, JOSEPH ALBERT HICKS. The Phony SEAL Salesman.

August 10th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, JOSEPH ALBERT HICKS. The Phony SEAL Salesman from Raleigh, North Carolina.  

Joseph, like all other phonies told the wrong story to the wrong guy. Even worse, he told it to the ’Terrorist Whisperer’ who asked us for help.

Joe’s business seems to be in high pressure sales of ACN products. When the Terrorist Whisperer’s wife got involved in ACN, and the Whisperer called BULLSHIT, his wife received a series of text messages that were clearly meant to split them apart so she would continue with ACN.

Joe, like most phonies I encounter, was given an opportunity from me to ’come clean’ to his clients about his deceptive past but he did not.


Many thanks to Hamody and Jennifer Jasmin for coming forward about Phony SEAL Joe Hicks. Hamody’s incredible story is available at


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isaacterrell7 avatar
isaacterrell7 said....  

Does anyone if the young man at the end of the video successfully completed BUD/S?

JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

Diane is a cutie lol I imagine she is a great mum.

Supe avatar
Supe said....  

Hi Don and Diane, THANK YOU for your service. My Dad is retired Navy Capt HS-85. He has a million stories and I've maybe hear ONLY ONE of them. Most modest man I've ever met. Love all your videos. You put in a great deal of time and energy. Hope you had a WONDERFUL holiday. THANK YOU Don and your son for your service. THANK YOU Diane for all of your SUPPORT too. Much Respect -Supe

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CountryBoy avatar 02/10/2017

CountryBoy replied....

My Dad was a Navy guy as well. He tried to make WW2 since all his brothers served but it was over by the time he got in. As a child I foolishly asked if he saw any fighting and he answered 1 work Norfolk. I did not know much about WW2 as a child and remembered his answer and years later asked him again about that he said the only fighting he was involved in was a bar in Norfolk, VA. I still laugh about his answer to this day. Thank you to all the Vets, active, retired and deceased !!!!!!!!!!!

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

Joe was feverishly attempting to get away from Don.
His story was so confusing it was almost incoherent. The bastard was under the impression he "thought" he was a SEAL. Its like I took a CPR course, and because of that I "thought" I was a doctor for some reason.

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DJ avatar 12/27/2016

DJ replied....

Are you a Navy Seal? "No.....but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express near Don Shipley's house last night...." lol

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JohnR, Machinist
JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

Once again, an adult male can not when faced with facts, own up. It's amazing. If my boss found out I BSd him, I'd fucking own up because I know it would mean more owning up than continuing to lie. Never forget, people who call you out already know you are bullshitting. They are just seeing if you will admit it. And if you do, you will at the very least leave the confrontation with some integrity.

JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

I'm a sales man. This guy reminds me of my colleagues. Just talk and the guy is so overwhelmed until he says OK. Haha, bullshit 101. Classic.

JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

This face to face is my favourite bust.


This clown was taking being a bullshit artist to its max! Well done, patriots!

Go Navy 086 avatar
Go Navy 086 said....  

Try drinking every time he mentions his dead or dying parents. I can't blame his parents. If Joe came from my DNA I'd want off of earth as soon as possible.

Joe avatar
Joe said....  

Once you see the big ACN logo it explains it all. Anyone who has any run ins with a ACN person knows they are a sick cult! Just google ACN is a cult and it will answer all your questions. These assclowns make Amway look like Boy Scouts!

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