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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Gary the Great POW Hunter Dude Guy.

January 23rd, 2017 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Gary the Great POW Hunter Dude Guy. It always amazes me how many guys claim service in Vietnam who weren’t old enough to serve there and nobody calls them out. Gary has his hands full tonight after I made a pile of phone calls so NO need for any subscriber action. I’ll keep you informed... MANY thanks for the support...


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ExMarineMD avatar
ExMarineMD said....  

I would have dreaded serving under Senior Chief and seeing him rub his face and give me that sarcastic grin! I would know I was "fucked"!

El Chapo avatar
El Chapo said....  

This video is bigotry. Maybe he identifies as a Navy Seal.

Joe avatar
Joe said....  

Thank God for camera malfunctions. Divine intervention I tell ya.
15 minutes of that goof was more than enough.

djpat avatar
djpat said....  

Hey Don, whatever happened with Bernath. Can we get an update? :)

Bob "Doc " Dowling said....  

Can you be a bigger Bull shitter. It all in the statement that" He was in the hospital for 2 years for mental problems" Dumb ass.

Rick avatar
Rick said....  

The article states "He only knew about the VietNam War from watching Wolf Blitzer report on it on CNN"

I would like to think, I have a "healthy" respect for the media (I understand not a particularly popular opinion on this forum) but Christ, how could you not know only 3 networks existed at that time?? And CNN wasn't one of them. Cable TV didn't exist at that time. Incredibly inept reporting not to mention you would think an editor or proofreader would have caught it.
The Veteran Organization he belonged to I believe; AMVETS, someone had to read that and immediately know this guy was a nut.
See Ya.......

Docshatt avatar
Docshatt said....  

I e-mailed Gary and told him his honor was in question and he should step down from all his "activities". He actually wrote me back and stated "I made a mistake and I'm stepping down"!

Bob 02/06/2017

Bob "Doc " Dowling replied....

Good job Doc.

Chuck avatar
Chuck said....  

It's like these guys all read the same book. The names and pictures change, but pretty much the same story.

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Sharon avatar 02/13/2017

Sharon replied....

Yeah, they read the same books (those who can actually read anyway) & they watch the same movies but apparently their too ignorant to realize other people also read & watch the same movies!

Titanguy avatar
Titanguy said....  

This guy gets confused about his name. Geez. Poor guy definitely has problems.

Jack avatar
Jack said....  

This guy does not have all his marbles.

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