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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Frankie, the Mouthwash Phony SEAL.

May 24th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Frankie, the Mouthwash Phony SEAL. Frankie figured he’d just lie his ass off to a lady he wanted to marry. But Frankie told so many lies that the biggest one, the SEAL claim, finally caught up to him. Frankie fessed up to his future wife and lucky for him. I hope he fly’s straight from now on.
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STAPLES avatar
STAPLES said....  

Being a SWCC guy, you should be proud enough of your service! SWCC guys go through some pretty damn hard training as well (not what the SEALs go through), so be proud of that and be humble!

STAPLES avatar 02/25/2017

STAPLES replied....

I haven't even finished the video yet, but I'm wondering if this guy was even apart of SWCC?

STAPLES avatar 02/25/2017

STAPLES replied....

I haven't even finished the video yet, but I'm wondering if this guy was even apart of SWCC? Nope, he never was. SHOCKING!

Jack avatar
Jack said....  

She asked questions. That was smart. Dump his drunk, lying ass.

Josh avatar
Josh said....  

Boy, to bring up the names of the deceased for personal gain, wow. That is the lowest of the low. How many people were in class 237? About 50 odd thousand?

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markus avatar
markus said....  

I think some of you are being a little hard on this girl. She cared enough to contact Don. While this guy is a dirtbag piece of shit, I think she is going to make the right decisions. Good luck sweetheart!!!!!!

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kathy avatar
kathy said....  

If this woman lets him near her kids she's crazy.

geoffro avatar
geoffro said....  

This damn girl must be 4oo pounds, 4' high and so dang ugly that she has to sweet-talk her feet to get them in bed with her at night, if she "doesn't care what he did" and still wants this retard??!! Her self-esteem level has got to be in the dirt!!
I sure hope this woke her dumb ass up!

Jimmy avatar 10/28/2016

Jimmy replied....

I thought she meant she "doesn't care what he did" in the sense that he didn't need to lie to her in the first place because she didn't mind what he was she would have been with him anyway.

Gino avatar
Gino said....  

listening to this is giving me ptsd. I dont even imagine what it does to you. not healthy man. Fucking dopers and mentally challenged are bad enough but those who get any reward should be punished. She said the most important statement she could make when she said SHE DOESNT CARE WHAT THE FUCK HE DID. Sad and harmful.

lovephonybitchslappin avatar
lovephonybitchslappin said....  

What's sad is you can hear how much she wants to believe him DESPITE what Don is telling her. What if this, what if that, is it possible that....... Trying to find a possibility of a misunderstanding or something. Some women are just drawn to "projects in need of help" and they are typically utter losers who get all they can out of someone and move on to the next sympathetic soul they can take advantage of.

Sabo, Obas, Stencil avatar
Sabo, Obas, Stencil said....  

SWCC are pretty bad ass in and of itself. Not as cool as SEALs but still kool. Why one up yourself, why not simply claim what you are. I was an Operations Specialist OS not an SO. I wanted SO but I was not one. I have issues because I did not get to see an outcome... that is the best you get to see no visible outcome. When you fuck up as an OS everyone knows! Examples you ram a ship or run a ship aground. This guy did epic shit and saw results but here he is amping his shit.

Bonechip avatar 08/22/2016

Bonechip replied....

He wasn't SWCC, watch the outro slide.

RedCurrahee avatar
RedCurrahee said....  

SWCC guy, shit that's badass enough so I don't get why he needed to add on (if it's ever confirmed he did that) I'm just a Army dumb dirty grunt and everyone is pretty much Infantry nowadays, but hell if your a GSB or RSTB guy, yeah it's a support gig but you roll around with operators and shooters and get your fair share, why amp that up? Atleast you served, be proud to just be the 1% and that's enough for me to have a drink with you

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