You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Dean Ray Cross, The Brain Cancer catcher in Syria Black Ops Guy.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Dean Ray Cross, The Brain Cancer catcher in Syria Black Ops Guy.

February 04th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Dean Ray Cross, The Brain Cancer catcher in Syria Black Ops Guy.
Kinda hard to believe but Dean caught cancer from radiation exposure while conducting Black Ops as a SEAL in Syria or so I’m told. The VA won’t pay Dean for treatments because the Operation was classified and there is no record of it.
If I only had a nickel...

Dean found a way to collect a few bucks for his treatments though. Like 100,000 of them.
I don’t have a crystal ball to see if Dean really has brain cancer but the other yarns he spins leaves me wondering...

Many thanks for the support... Mack’s website is Not Dead Can’t Quit.


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STAPLES avatar
STAPLES said....  

Richard Machowicz, RIP!!!

US Infantryman  avatar
US Infantryman said....  

What a tremendous loss to the military community. May god bless his family and help them get thru this. As for the Dirt look in the face of. Navy Seal, with brain cancer and not confess his sins.i don't know how you and MC didn't stop him into the ground. Your all better men than I am....

smsgtmike avatar
smsgtmike said....  

THIS pisses me off. I have incurable cancer( Multiple Myeloma) in remission and these assholes use this to scam people out of money or whatever, I hope Don's buddy keeps pushing for years to come. He has a fantastic outlook. He knows it's going to come but he's taking it and going on. His first concern is his wife and family. I think that's probably what most people go to when they're first told. Keep on keeping' on.

GunnerRA avatar
GunnerRA said....  

Rest in peace Richard Machowicz.

Devil dog  avatar
Devil dog said....  

Rest In Peace brother.God needed you sooner then expected.🇺🇸

DANLCOON99 avatar
DANLCOON99 said....  

What an incredibly awesome human!!!!Mack, thank you for your service to our beloved USA!!!! You will not be forgotten, my prayers go out to your beautiful wife Mandy, & those two beautiful daughters!!!!,sincerely, Dan!!

AlexW avatar
AlexW said....  

R.I.P. Richard Machowicz.

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JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

If ever a bastard needed to get charged with Stolen Valour, among other things, this cunt takes the cupcake.

JohnR avatar
JohnR said....  

17:03 - when the seals start talking about what weapons to take with to come and confront you.... well, I would just about be packing up for my one way trip to move to Somalia...where I will feel safe.

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MVPappas avatar
MVPappas said....  

I hope you all are saved nothing more important, being ready for death at any moment nothing to fear if you are saved and are born again in Jesus who is our God, our Creator and drawing closer to God is so important, our true freedom, peace, joy, and love is in Jesus and us in Him. God Bless and keep you and your families. If that dung beetle doesn't pay for all the despicable crap he's pulled in this life be rest assured he will when his life ends and God casts His judgement on this wicked dung beetle.

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