You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Part One Daniel Alan Bernath. The Phony SEAL, Chief, Award Having, Photoshopper, Lawyer Dude...

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Part One Daniel Alan Bernath. The Phony SEAL, Chief, Award Having, Photoshopper, Lawyer Dude...

November 03rd, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Daniel Alan Bernath. The Phony SEAL, Chief, Award Having, Photoshopper, Puss Clown, Lawyer Dude...  

Well... Dan isn’t very happy with my video. Wait until he sees Part Two tonight.


Many thanks for the support...



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dabondpark avatar
dabondpark said....  

Big respect for you badasses. Boatswains Mate here. 4 years, first Gulf War. Shout out to my cousin, Brett Chappell.

Proud of that MF!

Severs avatar
Severs said....  

Daniel Bernath is now on our radar and we will systematically dismantle him. Enjoy these reads about this vermin.

Symphony0fLife avatar
Symphony0fLife said....  

Jesus Christ what a pussy. And what a silly wife he's got. Like you guys said, a guy who is terrified of a simple civil conversation isn't a man at all. He stirred the pot, all you two wanted was to know why he's attacked you and slandered/sued you and he has to hide? What a bitch.

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Muslim American avatar
Muslim American said....  

is their a place where we can donate to ur duty sir catching these idiots.. If my grandpa Bill didn't get his Purple heart for being injured in Korea then these dipshits should be able to get a fake one..

RedCurrahee avatar
RedCurrahee said....  

All fun and games until a SEAL or other SOF Operator shows up at your door

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Cranky Old Veteran, JD avatar
Cranky Old Veteran, JD said....  

The way to neuter Bernath in the political sense is to collect the addresses of about 500 of his neighbors, and send each of them an envelope with part of the Bernath saga on it, limited to three pages, double sided. Tell them that other parts of the dossier have been sent to other neighbors, and that if the neighborhood is concerned that they need to share the various parts of the dossier.

Make 20 copies of the entire dossier you wish to share, and ensure each page a "Page 3 of 945" on each so they can keep them in order. Then divide up the pages so you send out 20 copies, but each person only gets a fraction. Then next month send the same people a different fraction so that in a two-year time span they get 24-30 envelopes, each with three two sides sheets.

I would suggest that yu reduce the page sized to get two pages or more on each sheet. Ideally, if the text is large enough, 4 pages per side works well as you can sent one cover sheet, and then 2 sheets with data (24 pages at 4:1, assuming you use the back of the cover page).

The 12 closest neighbours need to get a full copy of the dossier, in 1:1 size, as clean a copy as possible, sent to then and updated every 90 days, or every 90 days send it to a different set of 12 neighbors, going out in concentric rings.

Contact the police and Sheriff and ensure the Chief gets copies, as well as the detective(s) who have made a project out of him, update this every 90 days.

Then, start sending a copy to every attorney either in private or public practice, within 35 miles of his house a copy, along with any manager associated with the aviation facilities in the area, and at least 3 journalists at each newspaper or TV station. When you send it to this later group, limit the commentary, and rather just send them documents and let them form their own questions and inner dialog.

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Chris avatar
Chris said....  

" There are many ways we can speed up the disability benefits, and PHOTOSHOPPING is one way".

Skipper avatar
Skipper said....  

Wow...he looks demon possessed! Scum. And to think he's a lawyer?????????????

Steve avatar
Steve said....  

What a little fucking worm. Don i'm not sure how you haven't hurt some of these mother fuckers yet. Much respect to you and your wife sir.

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