You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Clubber Lang, AKA MICHAEL ORLANDO HALL. The "Check Me Out" Phony SEAL

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Clubber Lang, AKA MICHAEL ORLANDO HALL. The "Check Me Out" Phony SEAL

October 04th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Clubber Lang, AKA MICHAEL ORLANDO HALL. The ’Check Me Out’ Phony SEAL.
Rasta Cycles, LLC.

My class in New Orleans found this clown and I owe them for the BUST. I intend to post Mike ’The Biker Bitch’ as far and wide as I can because of their help.

Many thanks for the support...


Guys, Don and I would appreciate you not contacting the Harley Shop. They really are a great group of guys and do an outstanding job in the community. Nobody at that shop had anything to do with this except Mike Hall. Please respect the privacy of this business and it’s employees. Thank you, Diane Shipley




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Jimmy avatar
Jimmy said....  

Don should have brought his laptop to stop that "check it out' bullshit.

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

Never get tired of watching this video. Shipley is at his ultimate best, he doesn't dissapoint. Its gotta take a lot of guts, perseverance and patience to deal with a guy like this. I give Shipley a 10 out of 10 on all counts. Its amazing to see how he remains calm when the guy keeps spouting "keep checking" or "check it out." As a matter of fact, he said "check it out" 42 times at the altercation on Bourbon.

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

I guess the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute can verify his Seal qualifications.

Cinephile83 avatar
Cinephile83 said....  

Im really surprised he didnt get punched at 13:30 onwards

KevinKa avatar
KevinKa said....  

Check it out: What's HE doing back if HE didn't run from death?

Charfade avatar
Charfade said....  

I gotta check this out

itsdonshipleybro avatar
itsdonshipleybro said....  

This lowlife has a felony conviction for sexual assault, that's why he got bounced from the Navy.

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Matt avatar
Matt said....  

"Check it out. Check it out.... CHECK. IT. OUT." Next day: "Oh shit, they showed up to check it out..."

Jamie W avatar
Jamie W said....  

Still one of my favourite busts. The irony of this clown telling WO Robbie "I've seen mother fu****s like you run!" Ha! No dude, he's not running anywhere. Although if it does escalate you'll wish Robbie was the running type.

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