You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Bill Brockbrader, The Pedophile Returns. Part 1

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Bill Brockbrader, The Pedophile Returns. Part 1

June 14th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Bill Brockbrader, The Pedophile Returns. Part 1


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Codypete avatar
Codypete said....  

Who is he inside insinuating "extended family member " is...

Tkwriggles avatar
Tkwriggles said....  

him and his people? He has no"people" except for the odd pedophile and i bet even his fellow pedophiles even think hes to fucked up even for them. This nut needs to be thrown injail and the key thrown away

Skipper avatar
Skipper said....  

He is a Barney Fife looking idiot. He keeps burying himself with his mouth. he's trying to heal the world problems...with defending sodomizing a child. He's diverting the focus on the country's debt? He's threatening the victim. I think that's a crime.

PGHGuy81 avatar
PGHGuy81 said....  

My God... People like this really exist?? He needs put in front of a firing squad.

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A Proud Infidel®™ avatar
A Proud Infidel®™ said....  

GO, SENIOR CHIEF!! I watched your other videos about this walking pile of cockroach excreta, and I'd like to suggest that you start your next one with the info about what Brockbader did to the girl he molested. IMHO, info like that about human roach shits like Brockbader NEEDS to be disseminated at every opportunity!

Aurevoir Gopher avatar
Aurevoir Gopher said....  

Pathetic piece of human excrement is doing his video inside a tent.
One properly place bullet would be the ticket for this guy.

Doc avatar
Doc said....  

Wow, and you threaten this poor girl, fuckin shitbird, chief, SMOKE HIS FUCKIN ASS!

Lenny avatar
Lenny said....  

Who on earth could believe this fuckin weirdo! Somebody needs to smash his disgusting face. Go get him Senior Chief!

Blitzer58 avatar
Blitzer58 said....  

Ask yourself why this guy makes these video's and makes the claims that he does - because he actually believes that he is SO important to this world, and it's "secret goings on" that everybody wants to hear from him. He actually believes his line of shit, every single word of it. He is clearly a psychopath. He believes himself to be SO important that the future of our world depends on him and his "team" of spooks. He needs to be locked up for a very very long time and needs some serious professional help.

He wallows in the attention that he is getting, because it confirms to him that he is actually that important, that the future of the free world actually does depend on him, he lives for this attention. And he will keep making up stories for as long as he lives. It's what he does. He does not live in the reality the rest of us do - he lives in his own little fantasy world. And if he's interviewed, or somebody pays attention to him, it only backs him up. He's important. He needs to be heard from. If we only knew what he knew. Nuttier than squirrel turds.

And where exactly is he? In a tent? Did he make himself a little fort in Mom's backyard? He is dangerous, not only to her, who we now know her first name, how old she is, that she's married and has 2 kids, etc., etc., but to everybody he comes into contact with. He is truly nuts, not just your garden variety nut bag, but a true nut case through and through.

He needs to be put into a room, and the room thrown away. Period.

harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

His videos have "all comments are closed" how fucken dare he spill out her family! Children/grandchildren?????? He is Type A Psychopath, they point fingers at others to take the blame off themselves. The Devil's biggest claim to fame, that he never existed by pointing the finger at others. I cannot stomach to look at him never mind how stupid sounds.

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