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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Bad Brad, the Visionary Phony SEAL.

October 03rd, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Bad Brad the Visionary Phony SEAL. Seems Brad was right about what his wife would do if he told her he wasn’t a SEAL.

SitRep from Derik...
Brad deleted his FB and told his wife and yep she kicked him out. I guess he was telling her he was doing covert missions and would take off for the weekend and crap like that. He told me that he contacted the American Legion and resigned. Not real positive he told them why. This guy just lived a make believe life. Now I am hearing all kinds of stuff he did or said. Oh as for him saying he stopped wearing his trident because he got talked to about it. That is not even true, he would only wear it to events and places where not a lot of veterans would be. He was pretty good to pull this off for over 20years. Makes me sick and though I fell kinda bad about it all cause of the collateral damage, I have to keep telling myself that I did the right thing and there was no other way. The truth needed to come out. Thank you for your help Don, one less coward out there claiming to be what they did not earn. 


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smsgtmike avatar
smsgtmike said....  

He must have told some BIG B.S, for a lot of years. He seems desperate but the thing that was pissing me off was Don was telling him about a SEAL friend who lost his legs and this guy didn't skip a beat. He just kept on about how bad it was going to go for him. He best take Don's advice and own up. It will go even worst for him if he waits for the other shoe to drop. Veterans understand that this crap is wrong.

pranser avatar
pranser said....  

What a desperate sad sack. Life has come back and bitten him right on the arse.

KevinKa avatar
KevinKa said....  

Not only did Bad Brad want to just walk away from any consequences, he actually asked Derik to lie to protect him! "Plausible deniability"? 'I'm so concerned that you will also be dragged into this'? "Trust me"? You were trying to get another person to sin on your behalf, Brad. I'm sorry, but that just bothers me.

Paul1973 avatar
Paul1973 said....  

If its all based on a lie, then you didn't really have anything to begin with...

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Krump avatar 01/03/2017

Krump replied....

Yeap... There are nothing to build with lies. Except more lies. His best solution is to vanish from all of this.

Paul1973 avatar
Paul1973 said....  

Anyone who feels sorry for this guy in any way is just buying into his bullshit! Oh my poor marriage! My wife will divorce me! Blah Blah Blah!... If his wife is willing to divorce him over this one issue (which I doubt) then his marriage is doomed anyways. Sounds to me like this is one of many lies he's told and this is just the last straw. If he's not willing to do one hard, honest thing in his life and tell everyone the truth, consequences be damned, then he gets whats coming to him. I know I sound judgemental and like a hardass but this guy is completely unwilling to deal in truth and fact, and now that the flames are rising all around him he just wants it to go away, without the least little bit of truth or accountability on his part. Sorry, life just doesn't work that way. You sow the seeds, you reap the rewards, or in his case the consequences.

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Jack avatar
Jack said....  

Lies and bad secrets have a way of exposing themselves in due time. It could be in a few days to several decades. The bullshit eventually unravels. All it takes is one person to question stuff. As a kid, I lied about my parents owning a sports car and having a really cool toy collection. Well, I met in a new friend in school (2nd grade), and he happened to live not too far from me (I did not know yet). I re-told the bullshit story, and the new friend was like, "You liar! I live next to you. You do not have a sports car." That was a life lesson learned. He reminded me of that for years. "Remember when you said you had a sports car?" That shit follows you around!

Shaun avatar
Shaun said....  

Well if you were on the other end mail or female and found out your entire marriage was nothing but a lie that would be tuff to swallow off to watch the video now 😎

Caps avatar
Caps said....  

I gotta say I have mixed feelings on this one. Most of these guys are just losers in life and I get the stolen valor and all that and taking away from real servicemen but to ruin this guilts marriage I don't know. It's obvious he doesn't have anything going on in his life but it's not like he raped a child or something. Just let the guy take the shot down and fade away. If he didn't do that then he deserves the exposure but I have some pity for these losers. What if he killed himself after this or something. That would haunt me if I were don. I get where he's coming from here but I also have to take into account this guy is obviously a loser in life and doesn't have much of anything let alone self esteem. Sometimes I think I got to pick your battles and maybe this is one of those times. Most of these guys probably have mental health issues or delusional at the very least.

Titanguy avatar
Titanguy said....  

Brad is a sad case. He dug a hole he cannot get out of.



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