You are here - Phony Navy SEAL John Mueller from Texas scares people in Church with his crazy SEAL stories

Phony Navy SEAL John Mueller from Texas scares people in Church with his crazy SEAL stories

November 30th, -0001 
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Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley receives a call from Texas Police Officers asking for a verification for a John Mueller ever being a Navy SEAL... He wasn’t but the Cops had his number so I called Old John just to have some fun...


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grantruple avatar
grantruple said....  

Based on the color of his shirt, I think Don is feeling a little crabby.

paisa avatar
paisa said....  

Mr Shipley PLEASE..........
go confront him at his hometown and church, thats really gonna make his day .

paisa avatar
paisa said....  

YEAH SO WHAT????????(he was a navy seal) JAJAJAJAJA funny more

markus avatar
markus said....  

Don, I guess since you already have Diane you don't need to look for any more hot chicks because I could swear that in one of your videos I know I saw you using an umbrella? I'm just saying, what's that all about, Bro?

breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

#1 tip to get hot chicks.... Have Don Shipley's Hair!

kingdill avatar
kingdill said....  

i thought it was fake too, my wife came up behind me watching a video and her first words were that hair isnt real haha.but, after seeing your brother has the same lions mane, i believe you Don.

gideeup6 avatar
gideeup6 said....  

Dude can I give this video 6 stars? I have freaking tears rolling down my face from the hair pulling incident!

CountryBoy avatar
CountryBoy said....  

I love this episode. I laugh as I thought Diane was going to rip Don's head off. Thanks for the laughs and keep on busting.

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Mungo1972 avatar
Mungo1972 said....  

Ah Don , im from the UK and well an umbrella to shelter a young lady from the rain is called being a gentleman . same as opening the door and letting her through first and also pulling her chair out . Always paying for the bill , and throwing your coat over a big puddle so she get her feet wet . Of course we gentlemen are a dying breed as in the words of Al Murray the pub landlord , what is the point of being a gentlemen when the young lady is pissed and spewing in the gutter right next to you lol . Look up Al Murray I bet he will make you laugh :-)

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harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

@Lazarus, I meant to say Mail Ordered Bride, sorry honey. I googled him when he went ape shit on me on you tube. Gave me the creeps the way he put his hand to cover his mouth while speaking to Diane. Glad she ripped him a new asshole. Picking on a women is just as equally wrong as Stolen Valor. I despise that man. Going after a women who has served deployments while raising kids and as you stated, the Father and Son video. Enough said. Fort Meyers? I need a vacation soon. Let him talk to me the way he has on his replies.

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