Phony Hater of the Week. Michael Leumer Elkhart, Indiana TD Blasting.

Phony Hater of the Week. Michael Leumer Elkhart, Indiana TD Blasting. Many thanks for the support




Senior, I work for the State based out of Elkhart county if you ever need something out this way. Hit me up. I dont post much and usually consume videos in big chunks due to my work schedule. Best wishes to you & Diane.



Thanks for looking out, Don. Your mentality and actions are totally perfect.



If you wanna screw something up quickly get multiple personalities involved. One of the greatest lessons I learned with my business is having the ability to realize I am not a good fit for everyone. I have delt with bat shit crazy women, customers and emotional invalids. I enjoy the site and was introduced to your efforts with a phoney that worked for me, pretty sure you made a video about me driving you fucking nuts. lol Regardless of the seriousness of what you are doing this is entertainment for me. I don't envy you guys a bit running a site this complex. Does anyone else sometimes feel like a d-bag checking in to see what you guys are doing ? I do find way to much pleasure watching when you have to flex your muscles on here. Appreciate the previous help. Some of the funniest shit are the retards going back and forth, inappropriate but you have to just shake your head and laugh. Can we have a unrated adults only room were the keyboard warriors can work it out ? Im a firm believer that some people need to be beat, but that does not apply online and they know it.



I am not a veteran but I do support this site because of the noble nature of the mission you have taken on. I appreciate you and Diane and your service to this country. I have been so blessed in my life and paying it forward is the best we can do for the good of everyone. I hate phonies and posers as well.




Reminds me of my old navy days port and starboard. Your a class act Don



ummm? ... where was I when all this stuff was going down? ..... I never saw or noticed any of these kinds of actions? ..... maybe I don't get on here enough or I have more important things to do? ..... whatever the case, i'm sorry it had to get to that point! ..... This rain is ridiculous, my yard looks like the Jungle!



... .... ...



Don and Diane,
I absolutely love your website. I truly admire the level at which you carry yourselves while stomping through the mud of phony seals, all the while remaining to keep things in order and never letting the mud actually become anything more than can be rinsed off with water (great attitude and dignity). I don't have a lot of free time, but I have been on a binge, since I just recently joined up, watching and loving these videos when I have some spare time. I really am very appreciative of you guys doing this because we all know that you don't have to do this, but you do it anyway. Thank you so much for all that you guys are doing!




Wow... because we collectively can't regulate ourselves, sometimes the Senior Chief has to do it.

You do what you have to, Senior. This is your house, your rules and I fully support your decision. A shame people can't just be cool and respect the house rules...

That being said, I LOVE bashing killary and don't give a fuck what her sympathizers think about it, but this ain't the place for that. Just like it isn't the place for a lot of things I've seen here (in my opinion). Personally (and I've made comments about it previously), I don't really like the off-topic comments as they add nothing to the subject matter at hand, but hey--I'm not gonna ask for more rules because it is easy enough to keep scrolling. I will suggest that people should swap email addresses or hook-up on other social media if they wanna share music videos or pictures of their most recent meal. But that's me and I ain't the boss.



Thank you for maintaining the integrity of your website! I come here to be educated and entertained, and I think the vast majority of people here are respectful. I have no military experience, but I was taught a love of country and the military from a young age. I have always felt welcome here, and I also come here for laughs and a distraction from everyday stuff in life. I don't relate to some people's tendency to inflame others with comments about politics, religion, lifestyle, etc. Anyway, thanks for sticking up for the "underdog" in your Navy days and here too. These are fine examples of treating others with respect and having the ability to walk a mile in their shoes.