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Phonies in the Goose Blind. FINAL. The Cameron Gamble, Sherri Papini Story.

January 11th, 2017 
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Phonies in the Goose Blind. FINAL. The Cameron Gamble, Sherri Papini Story.  I APPRECIATE everyone’s patience while I sort through this. Many thanks for the support... I’ll repay with a nice fat phony.


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Bob "Doc " Dowling said....  

Thanks for helping Cameron. If you say he's clean, he's clean.

Rich H. avatar
Rich H. said....  

You did this man a righteous Don, you're a good egg. Hair and all

ROFFO avatar
ROFFO said....  

Very interesting situation , the ad part is that the rest of the family is effected.

Good luck with this Cam..

knightsb78 avatar
knightsb78 said....  

Why is it that even old SEALs seem to have a great head of hair? lol

JustaGrunt avatar
JustaGrunt said....  

Hey, definitely the most convoluted service story I've heard, understand why found it incredible. BUT that don't make it so. Glad you able to help him get his side of the story out there AND if any one would have needed to call bullshit I'm sure you would have. Thanks...

JD avatar
JD said....  

I believe you Don, It's real hair...

SFC C. avatar
SFC C. said....  

Great series Don! In this day & age you would think that with all the technology we have at our disposal folks would do some research before they open their pie holes! But it seems like the exact opposite has happened. There's no honor in our press corps. Most outlets will report what sells best without any concern over the pain & anguish they can put honest guys like Cameron through!
You've always been a guy I admire Don, but you hit this one out of the park and earned a whole new level of respect from this old retired NCO!
PS: The move to Maryland has really done you good! Your hair looks great! :)

Cameron avatar
Cameron said....  

I just wanted extend my gratitude to all the DS fans that stuck with this video series and showed your support. I can't tell you how much my family and I appreciate it. Don took a huge risk at the recommendation of my good friend and retired Master Chief SEAL who I have worked with over the years, and allowed me to fly out to his home to be vetted. Don Shipley is every bit of the man I expected him to be. He is full of integrity, character and passion. This world is a better place because of people like Don and Diane. I know I am preaching to the choir, but it's worth saying. My firsthand experience with The Shipley's showed me that they are the real deal. True salt of the earth type people. I am so thankful for the experience, and my new found friends. You are all in good company with Senior Chief Don Shipley. He does not disappoint. I wish all the best to each of you, and plan to become a part of this online community. You are great people, and the world is a better place by who you are.

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Waveoff avatar 01/13/2017

Waveoff replied....

And the world is a much better place because of people like you. I'm sure you feel like Billy Mitchell a lot of the time. You are a man of integrity and character. Speaking personally, Cameron, I'd be privileged to ride the river with you anytime, anywhere.... even if you are Air Force.

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Cameron, SFC C., tommyguns
SFC C. avatar 01/13/2017

SFC C. replied....

Sorry that all of this has happened to you Cameron. I watched all of the videos you did with Don and you seem like a real straight up guy to me. Hopefully by doing this it will eliminate any doubts anyone has about your military service and your professional credentials. Best of luck!

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knightsb78 avatar 01/13/2017

knightsb78 replied....

This sucks that this happened to you mate. Especially with a bunch of keyboard warriors attacking/impacting your family. I really hope that with all the work you have done with Don that this completely clears your name for the public. It certainly has for me!

Take Care

Javaspice avatar 01/14/2017

Javaspice replied....

Welcome, Cameron! Had no idea you were being slandered until I logged in here the other day to catch up with D&D's videos. I sure hope the video series you did with Don helps. Thank you for your service.

tommyguns avatar 01/14/2017

tommyguns replied....

We need more people like you in the world Cameron,thank you for all your sacrifices and for caring.

Rich H. avatar 01/14/2017

Rich H. replied....

Sorry you had to go through all the B/S. What's the old saying? no good deed ever goes unpunished. Best of luck to you Cameron.

JustNan avatar 02/05/2017

JustNan replied....

Cameron, first of all thank you for service both Militarily and Civilian. Our Nation (and the World) has a great many faceless citizens eagerly using the anonymity of the internet to beat others down with the mighty keyboard. It's sad that your skills, expertise and integrity were question. I'm sure the Papini family are thankful that someone of your caliber came forward. It's wonderful that Don was willing to meet with you and validate your credentials. Don is a man with principles possesses moral fortitude and integrity and has served our Nation honorably. I've followed Don & Diane for 4 years and can unequivocally say if they're vouching for you that your credentials and actions are above reproach or ridicule. God bless you and your family.

Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

This one really got me!!! Keep smiling friends- Laz
A hundred years from now it will not matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove, but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child.

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JustNan avatar 02/05/2017

JustNan replied....

I love that affirmation, most of all I believe it's the truth. Hearing your adult children teaching their children something they learned from you gives you a warm wonderful feeling. Sort of that full circle type of thing! Today's society puts emphasis on giving your children more toys etc. when what they need us more tłme with us! Hope all is well with you Laz~

marsh avatar
marsh said....  

My grandson with his first birthday cake. I think a lot more went on him than in him.

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Lazarus avatar 01/12/2017

Lazarus replied....

He is a big beautiful boy for only 1!!! A future Michigan Wolverine football player perhaps??? SEAL?? PRICELESS!!! You should put this picture on the new video, because not enough people got to see him!!

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BUDS131 avatar 01/12/2017

BUDS131 replied....

Gotta love that, Marsh...

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tommyguns avatar 01/14/2017

tommyguns replied....

Certainly a momentous moment for him...he definitely had his cake and ate too,no one can deny that... ; ) Happy Birthday young man!

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