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Part TWO. Stolen Valor Chief Petty Officer? The Rule Books come a Flyin...

July 02nd, 2016 
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Part TWO. Stolen Valor Chief Petty Officer? The Rule Books come a Flyin... I’m struck dumb at the number of guys who have a problem with that first YouTube video I did and feel the need to start quoting me sections from the Regulation Manual concerning Uniforms. Call me a Bad Chief but I guess I had better shit to do... Many THANKS for the SUPPORT.


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The Mighty Ogre avatar
The Mighty Ogre said....  

It's not about better shit to do, it's about a different Navy. A: Specwar will always get a pass on minor shit, you've earned that (i.e. Sunglasses on the forehead...). However, in an age where everything spawns on media in half the beat of a humming birds wings, you have to understand that the Navy, Military, will dust off the regs that always were, but oft unknown, to ensure that the actions or voice of any one member does not reflect as the will or support of any branch of the military. Your not knowing doesn't make you a bad Senior Chief, and me knowing, doesn't make me a fucking regulation nerd. I've spent almost half my time overseas. Uniforms are a very big deal and you had better know when and where the fuck you can wear 'em especially when on foreign soil. However, I digress, the point being, no one expects everyone to know everything and the Navy today, ain't the same Navy you retired from. Maybe that's how one knows when it's time to go...when it's no longer the organization you first joined.

1371 avatar
1371 said....  

Now Don, I don't know if you are aware, but the Regulation governing electric blasting machines strictly prohibits any horseplay, frueferall, gladhanding, and brouhaha. That's FM 5-34, section 6, subsection 2a. Now I was just a combat engineer, didn't spend much time reading regulations and such.

Thank you so much for that image of David Hasslehoff that is now stuck on repeat in my forebrain.

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riffraff81  avatar
riffraff81 said....  

This dick blick is going spastic about an irrelevant situation. First of all...who gives two squirts of duck shit about section hash tag decimal point niner under the code of....what the fuck ever!
Also....Capt. Knowledge Clark Jr shouldnt talk about shit that is miles above is pay grade.
Lastly....what the fuck is he gonna do about it? Cmon shit stain...youve discovered a uniform regulation infraction in progress!! General Quarters! Man your battle stations! what??.......
Sir!....what do we do now sir??....

Lanun187 avatar
Lanun187 said....  

WTF! this guy is a uniform Nazi.......I am sure he had his thumb in his Chiefs back

D.Harry avatar
D.Harry said....  

Nose stapler, best stapler.

dorbie avatar
dorbie said....  

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The Mighty Ogre avatar 07/24/2016

The Mighty Ogre replied....

No, a funeral is not a political function.

mike98gs avatar
mike98gs said....  

lol at all these fucking POGs and their uniform regulations.

dorbie avatar 07/05/2016

dorbie replied....

He's a fecking idiot. He's claiming a memorial service became a political rally just because a political candidate showed up. That's totally FUBAR.

The Mighty Ogre avatar 07/24/2016

The Mighty Ogre replied....

Without regs, we'd look like the Canadian Armed Forces.

Joe avatar
Joe said....  

So I get in a fight right before Hong Kong liberty and my Chief gives me 3 options for punishment. The option I took was door number #3, to wear my Cracker Jacks on liberty. The other two were Brig and Mast (which he had no intention of giving me). He knew I'd take #3, of course I would. He WANTED me to go on liberty, plus the guy I punched out was a shitbag trouble maker.

6000 swinging dicks on a carrier so I knew I had about as much of a chance running into Chief on liberty as any of you (or me) running into a SEAL at WalMart. Now I had no intention of wearing my uniform feet dry and Chief knew it. Chiefs are smart and know how to take care of things like this, that's how they get to be Chiefs. If I wore it, I wore it, and if I was a sneaky enough little shit not to (and Chief knew I was) and didn't get caught...well he did his job already and more power to me.

Sun rising at 0530 on a Sunday morning. I was the only one on the sidewalk down at the bay making my way bake to the liberty launch to get back to the carrier anchored out. Not one soul about. It looked like a neutron bomb went off.
Bloodshot eyes, hair a askew, shirttail out, smelling like and ashtray, beer mug and French whore house all wrapped in one.

A few hundred yards down the sidewalk I see a silhouette of a man coming towards me with the sun at his back.
He got really close before I could make him out.
You guessed it! ...Chief.

I snapped off a "Good Morning Chief." as best as I could. He looked at me with a shit eatin" grin and asked. "Are you alright?"
"Did you have a good time?"
"Alright then, get cleaned up, squared away and ready for muster and duty."
Thanks Chief.
"You don't have to thank me, now go and turn to son."

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Joe avatar 07/04/2016

Joe replied....

Happy Birthday Chief. ...close enough.

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phony hater
medic2760 avatar
medic2760 said....  

HAPPY 4TH everyone !!!!

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 Edso avatar
Edso said....  

Happy 4th of July to ESE friends World Wide.

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