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Over Confident... BIG stuff headed your WAY!!!! Many thanks for the Support...




I'm sitting on a cooler ,using a dog bed for a mattress .and I can relate! dang funny how we are in the same situation!

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I love Don, the site, all of my fellow members, Dianne, the dogs, All of it....but I have to say this video is confusing as hell lol. I am happy that D&D are finally getting to go Maryland.



Fuck You!! Get back to work. My happy lover bunny says I HATE YOU SO BAD! Happy lover bunny? Disregard !

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Can somebody explain to me what is going on? This morning, 7/12, I awake to cancelled acct emails from paypal, saying my ese autopay was canceled. And my last $10 payment was refunded. Then I watch this video and he's talking about rotten apples and getting rid of some of them. Ive sent Senior and MC emails, spoken with them at times, did I do something wrong? Whats going on? My sons want to be seals, so ive very respectfully asked some questions, nothing offensive or rude, just simple stuff. Very strange.



I'm confused.




As the ol saying goes "it just don't get any better than this"!



"BAXTER" looking up at "LIL BECK" saying "Hey man don't be paying attention to her I'm over here.... HEY!!...HEY!!!".... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Damn I Love them boys!!!




YEA I'M SPOILED aaaannnnnnddddd YOUR POINT IS?


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Two different people have confirmed the judge was pissed off at Bernath, and pissed off in a really, really big way. It does need to be mention that in the past, in other states Bernath has used another attornies name and bar number to make filings, so just because an attornies name shows up on a document, does not mean the attorney is actually representing Bernath. It would be very helpful to all parties concerned to assemble the case files involving Bernath or Dallas into one PDF file per case and then park the PDF's of all of the cases into one location which can be downloaded by anybody. The value is that as soon as Bernath files any future lawsuits, the other side can attach all of his prior filings to the court where a case was just filed, as judges tend to appreciate 10,000 pages of filings made by a raving psychotic as it makes their decision so much easier. Once Google finds the cache of documents, and indexes them, it will be profoundly impossible for Bernath to evade his prior reputation, and notable mental dysfunction. I would suggest only one PDF per case, with each case including a cover sheet with a synopsis, and then a full copy of the entire file. Bernath will of course have a hissy fit, but the light of truth drives away evil men.

With both Dallas and Bernath it is important to note the two of them are not actually crazy, but rather they pretend to be crazy in order to confuse their opponent into making mistakes. Grant they both appear to have a significant problem with drugs and alcohol and Bernath has "issues with children" that we need not go into at this time, but it is a matter that come up in the future. Both of them have filed claims with the VA and both receive 100% disability and in both cases their are awarded aid and attendance money from the VA, even though they do not actually suffer from the injuries that they both claim to have. 

It is valuable to note that if someone is an attorney admitted to federal practice, they are allowed to file a civil claim against a veteran or alleged veteran who embezzles money out of the VA, and this is done by first filing a FOIA or SSA FOIA request for the pubic portion of their compensation or disability claim and the related support documentation, and then obtaining specific information that utter disproves the claim, and then filing a Qi Tam lawsuit in federal court and then working with the government to obtain a judgement against the fraudster and the person pushing the Qi Tam collects a percentage of the funds the government gets back, plus they get a reasonable amount for attorney fees (or the attorney gets compensated for their time and expenses). The Qi Tam against VA fraudsters is a very lucrative business model.


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My spies in Ft. Myers tell me that Judge Krier took the case in which Bernath sued a wide spectrum of phoney busters and dismissed the case in the 1:30 PM session of the court this afternoon. Not quite sure what the sanctions were against Bernath, but now having had his lawsuits repeatedly tossed out of court he will likely be deemed a vexatious litigant and be blocked from any future filings.
Oh, wait, if we look at the petition he filed back in March of 2016, we can see the judge dismissed the case the same day it was filed, so the court already has Bernath figured out, and already has him labeled as someone who harasses the people via improper use of the courts.
It probably also does not help matters that Bernath is presently a fugitive from justice, on a felony warrant, on very serious charges actually. The genius legal mind is obviously not as smart as he thinks he is, and rather he appears to be dumber than shit actually.